Just send to support hope the devs read it at least before they delete it

to the BL-dev-team:

Some notes:

All Tourgue (Assault)Rifles nedd full auto fire

overall weapons are still unbalanced(it means most are absolutely useless),
every non-legendary doesnt do the job.
Grenades, heavy weapons(chemothrower consum way to much ammo) and sniper rifles(especialy the conventional ones) suffers from a lack of dmg.
Jakobs dont really take theyr motto to serious

For class-mods we need to get rid off the useless stuff
like [brand] Handling etc.
Tediore Reload speed - why? just why?
Hyperion Handling - serious?
Tourge projectile speed - -.-

The Night Hawking is still bugged,
every time you start a game it shoots another ammount of bullets per shot.

the Anointments:

To be onest almost every VH specific anoint is ablsolute useless,
just let [On action skill end - Next two magazines have 100% bonus elemental damage.]
work as an [After exiting Iron Bear] anoint too (for the auto bear user)
and get rid of them.
(That ones thats not absolute useless doesnt justify the existence of the rest.)

On action skill end - Gain 15% life steal.
On action skill end - 75% increased weapon status effect chance and damage.
On action skill end - 125% increased damage against Badass, Named, and Boss enemies.
Killing an enemy grants 5% Weapon Damage and Reload Speed for 25 seconds, this effect stacks.
While enemies are below 25% health, gain 50% increased Weapon Damage.
While an Action Skill is Active, constantly trigger novas that deals X damage (no scaling)
While an Action Skill is Active, Deal 75% more Weapon Damage to Badass, Named, and Boss enemies.
are absolut useless.

While an Action Skill is Active anoints,
need to work after weapon swap as long a action skill is active.

Mayhem modifiers:

We need a select option for each modifier slot, the re-roll system doesnt add difficulty
its just time wasting.

-All Enemies may be infused modifiers can be removed, no one want that immune enemys.
-Floor is Lava still remains too long after a fight ends.
ticked off is much to many dmg loss.
-Pain Tolerance: sometimes enemys get completely immune to every dmg, dont know if this is intended.
-Post Mortem: The interval at which death appears is too high.
(example: after defeating 20 enemys there appears almost 15 death.)
-Not the Face is much to many dmg loss.
-Holy Crit is in th end much to many dmg loss again.
Even for Flak its useless cause its not working with >fake<-crits.
(The german describtion is also wrong, misleadingly it says its only a 25% dmg penality on no crits)
-Buddy system: Its not that much about the interval, but the drones still hidden in walls, the ground
and other stuff very often.

How about a reinforcment beacon (very hard)modifier just like at the kartell event.

Maybe we can get some device or magical wonder box that allows to overload weapons:
You put a weapon in it,
-pays 1M$ to aplly one (random) of these 3 additional values:
+20% dmg
+25% fire rate
+30% magazine size
(on non legendarys the values are twice as high)
-optinal pay 10 eridium to reroll the anointment
the additional price is the weapon wont last forever and will break someday
(sometimes its better using stuff as long they last before you never use them)

PS:Ok the arms race lays the focus on the guns (one half of the game) but why deactivating everything else (the other half of the game)
can we get a switch to choose between a [only guns matters] and [everything is active as always} mode

Heres some thoughts to be onest wont find their way in BL3 but maybe in BL4:

Every VH can equip 3 action skills. (Maybe each is designed for another distances/action skill duration)
The new Karatefighter inspired Siren
(hopefully she has some deeper thoughts as Amaras:
I have many arms.
Look at my muscles.
Fist to the face.)

Variation 1(direct dmg): A dragon like spirit flys towards all enemys and hit everyone once.
Variation 2(dot like): The dragon sticks to the first enemy it touche an deals continually damage to it until he dies or the skill ends.
If the enemy dies before the skill ends the dragon seeks a new target.

Mystical-phase-balls (yes this is intentional that it sounds funny):
Variation 1:You throw a big orb towards the enemys that explode and do splash dmg.
Variation 2:You throw a handfull little orbs that seeks enemys (inspired from Flak´s rakks)

Variation 1:You charge on an enemy and break his face. (inspired from Amara´s Blitz capstone just as action skill instead of an meele override of course)
Variation 2:A hand edge blow (cheap karate noises) that sends out a straight traveling energy wave. (inspired from Amara´s Fracture)

The general augmentations could be:
-Simply add damage, status chance & dmg or whatever
-Every enemy hit by the action skill creates a nova that deals action skill dmg so its possobile to start a chain reaction
-a portion of all damage dealt by the action skill returning as health
-the same witch shield-energie
-when enemys take action skill damage they mabe drops some ammo
-the action skill has strong knock back
-enemys damaged by the action skill become confused and attack allys
-enemys taking incresed damage from all sources after taking action skill damage for a few seconds

The anointment (or whatever it called then) system:
-on action skill start the weapon gets…
a strong knockback for x seconds
get additional weapon damage for x seconds
get additional (random)elemental damage dor x seconds
Splash Damage is increased by x% for a short time.(can only appear on weapons that deals splash itself)
-Consecutive Hits increase Weapon Damage by 1% per hit, misses remove all bonuses.
-Element crit hits can cause status effects of that element to explode, creating a nova that deals x% of the Status effect’s damage

-can only appear on bladed weapons:
stab´n´shot:Melee attacks will cause additional weapon damage
Assault rifles:4-shot-burst
Shotguns:single shot witch strong knock back
Sniper rifles:single shot deals crit damage
Heavy Weapons:single shot deals splash damage to enemys(only)
venomous:melee attacks can confuse enemys and poison them(after confusion ends the enemy dies)
(only one enemy can be effected at a time)

instead of VH specific there should be weapon type specific ones:
Pistols:Oh, i loaded one of them too?!- On critical hits theres a chance its an explosiv bullet(deals explosiv dmg, who had thoght that)
Hard hit- theres a small chance for each shot to do additional dmg
SMG´s:Get through it- on critical hits theres a chance to penetrate enemys
Let´s get critical- every shot has a small chance to be critical even without hittin an critical spot
Shotguns:special recepie- every shot has a chance to do additional elemental dmg
Double the fun- on each shot the ammount of pellets is doubled
Assault rifles:How many have i left,Punk?!- on every kill theres a chance to restore 10% of the magazine size
(w)Hole lot of fun- after reloading theres a chance the magezine has twice the rate of fire
Sniper rifles:Initial shot- As long a enemy hasn´t taken gun damage the first shot gets 300% damage
Ignore it!- theres a small chance a shot ignores shields and armor and dealing direct health dmg
Heavy weapons:r=x- 50%mor splash dmg radius
I added some extra- every shot has a chance to deal 300% dmg

on action skill start…
the shield recharge starts immediately and cant be interrupted for 3 seconds
you gain extra damage reduction/elemental resistance for x seconds
activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill(only on shields that have ony effects that can be triggered)
On Action Skill End, Action skill cooldown rate is increased by 20% for a short time.

On Grenade Thrown,
Weapon, Grenade, and Action Skill Damage are increased by 25% for 6 seconds.
theres no ammo consumption for 6 seconds
the next shot doing additional damage
you´re doing higher explosive&indirect damage for x second

The Mayhem-system:
Difficulty is not all about adding health, shields and armor to enemies.
Instead the higher the mayhem level the higher the chance on of these effects applies on an enemy.
-When the enemy dies theres a confetti-explosion
-A enemy can be possessed, when he dies a baddass version of him appears.
-Enemys can wear hats:
that one witch the propeller gives them movement speed
tactical helmet: protection against critical hits
viking helm: enemy deals more damage
Zylinder: when the enemy dies theres a higher chance of better loot
Clown mask:confetti-expolsions and honk noises
Medical mask: on death enemys drop pills with different effects (and durations)
better action skill cooldown rate
you´re doing more damage
higher movement speed (50% on fights, 100% outside of fights)
color perception changes for a few seconds
They can drop a reinforcment beacon just like at the kartell event.

Just ignore the terrible englisch im sick, unconcentrated and needed more than one start for this (maybe i forgot the half)

signed Omschberga