Just so we're clear, 'Hustler' is only good on paper, yeah?

Been trying to make this thing work, but it can’t make up for the inherent flaws in Zane’s design like Seein Dead can. It’s alright when mobbing, but sucks for bossing, I’ve found.

Disappointing, because I was really wanting to try to mix up Zane a little bit, and I love making different weird builds… if they work.

Maybe I’m just doing it wrong? Has anyone made a decent build out of the dlc4 mod?

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Its actually terrible for multiple reasons. Id debate its one of Zanes WORSE coms actually.
The crit buff disappears when you get a crit
the crit buff is post add rather than regular crit, so it doesnt get bonuses like the Barrier crit annoint
The skills it gives are actually really bad- besides Brain Freeze. Like a Ghost ignores half the damage in the game-splash and melee- and the numbers are super low. And Adrenaline has super small diminishing returns.
(This com wouldve been perfectly viable if it had CCC as a point)

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That would explain why I was doing so badly with it. Totally agree with it giving CCC. Would be amazing.

It seems like one of those mods that would be good for multi-projectile guns, but at the same time, if it restacks with each crit, then… probably not.

Not helping is the fact that you’d likely do more damage getting consistent actual crits than gambling body shots, I’d wager.

The worse part is the post add crit. You get ZERO crit bonuses. So if you had NO com and just randomly head shot and enemy 15% of the time, youd do MORE damage.
Starting to think Gearbox hates Zane mains personally lmao

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Post add crits would still be useful if CCC + Brain Freeze was a meta build. It would give a way to proc brain freeze against enemies you can’t crit (or help those with sub-par aim). Recall that we abuse GitM to power Stackbot with post-add crits. Unfortunately, Seeing Dead is completely dominant in the meta.

The choice of skills doesn’t help the COM either, but at least it has Brain Freeze. Remember, the Phasezerker doesn’t have skill bonuses that are transformative either.

I think that it definitely could be a good alternative to Seein Dead’s infinite ASA if the com worked well enough, and gave a point in CCC.

Zane needs a lot of work.

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Stackbot ALSO gives a 500% WEAPON damage at max stacks- its not really fair comparison to a ■■■■■■ disappearing, one time 125% crit buff


Could also work well if it worked like Zer0’s Critical Ascensi0n, but without being limited to snipers.

Still dont like that- ADS lowers your speed and speed=damage with Zane. It should JUST not disappear on crits. You fire a few shots into the body (or just fire at the head and just accidentally hit the body since your moving at Mach 7) and the Megavore effect kicks in.

^ this.

The com is actually bad on paper too


Good thing this com never drop then :rofl:
(Got a ton of Flare completing dlc with Zane)


Should’ve been 5 consecutive critical hits stacks, and have a chance to get a 5x25% critical hit damage bonus and resets the stacks.


Every successful critical hit adds a 5% critical hit damage to next shot. This skill stacks. Non critical hits resets the stacks. Have a 2 sec delay.


Every consecutive critical hit against frozen enemies, increases critical damage by 5%. This skill stacks. If the enemy dies or gets unfrozen, the stack resets.

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shock rebound is pretty hilarious against wotans shield with hustler but that’s about it

oh also yes slid shot playing dirty nukem crits… yeeah

First two are interesting but last one is useless.
Last one could be changed to: Increase critical hit damage against Frozen enemies.