Just Soloed the Peak at OP8 with Axton and UCP 2.1


Well…it certainly did not seem any “easier”…LOL took me 5 tries as I’m a bit rusty at the Peak…and I was experimenting with some of the new skills and weapons.

And I got waaaay to bold a couple of times and paid for my stupidity.

But a Peak run “might” be a bit faster now since you can play Axton a tad more aggressively and with additions like a Corrosive Bearcat and the new Seeker…AR’s are now not only viable but a HUGE help to balancing your ammo usage and eliminating any running short issues.

Heck…I took out Dukino’s Mom strictly with a Bearcat. Yup…you read this right…a BEARCAT! Explosive Axton is STILL the most dangerous killer…but with the oddities of the way the Peak handles elemental matching…Corrosive Bearcats, Blasters, Shreddifiers, Hornets and SMG’s like a Tattler and Actualizer are all perfectly viable at OP8 at the Peak.

Phalanx Shield is just soooo much better now…LOVE IT! and Ranger is definitely worth the points after this patch. I did not test Nuke but suspect it would be good but the fire DoT may not because of the Peak’s oddities.

The Turret feels right again…actually kills from time to time…LOL

Kind of a tossup now whether Quick Charge out performs Forbearance now that Forbearance has damage reduction, albeit small.

I tried the Legendary Grenadier and the Legendary Soldier but fell back on my FAVORITE Axton mod…Chaotic Neutral Ranger with a +6 in Ranger and a + 5 in Impact

That makes Ranger 11/5 and a 22% boost to 7 skills is just the cat’s meow. The mod is less survivable than the Legendary Soldier…but puts out more hurt FASTER than anything I have tried…

If I was going to go the Fastball route NOTHING can touch the new Legendary Grenadier…NOTHING!

Used this build…Heavy DPS…less survivable: http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#55055100415005415015005050140000

Nicely done.

Might want to add to text what UCP is for those not already aware.

Good call…sorry…the new Unofficial Community Patch (UCP)

Darn thing has totally rejuvenated the game for me and eliminates 90% of what I thought was “wrong” with BL2…especially at the game’s highest levels. And it’s a total user decision each time you fire up whether to use it or not. Only wish my console brethren could partake…

you and me both dude. I am a little bitter about it. more jealous, actually.

But only on the “balancing” side of the patch.

I keep thinking to myself, a lot of this stuff that is being done post unofficial community patch is simply modding. what was once considered sacrilege is being condoned/encouraged. I get the balancing side of it. But making up coms, modding weapons…it’s just modding at that point and I draw the line there. Gearbox didn’t intend for this to take place. so why is it encouraged?

I get the PC side of it. but still…

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Their silence and allowing is simply consent…but I don’t see it as “encouraging”…but you bring up some good points that I need to attend to on the thread…thanks

Some of the wild totally made up guns and equipment probably should not be posted on my thread and I will ask folks to stop that…good catch.

BUT If a gun or piece of equipment is in game, then I see absolutely NO PROBLEM with modifications to a piece of unusable equipment to make it playable and then posting it on my thread. In fact…I just did one on a weapon I think NOBODY ever uses…the Boom Puppy. It makes it usable now at OP8…a consideration…nothing more and certainly not OP. And besides…a PC player can choose to use it…or not…their own personal call. AND I really don’t want actual code posted and have told folks to go to the PM route to get codes but I will remind folks again.

Unfortunately…it’s PC only. Dangnabit!

And this forum (and I think rightly) has been VERY careful and gone the extra mile o try to avoid conflict with “cheaters” or “modders” or “explorers” or “Data Miners” or whoever…and to draw fairly clear lines in the sand on what is acceptable behavior for the game In Toto…including the consoles. Even though it’s just darned hard to do that as we all have different opinions.

So yes you are right…this is slight deviation from the past. But I think it is a timely and enlightened move.

This being a game four years old and no longer in development as well as, I think, an honest and true effort to keep this a PC only discussion by myself and the Mods…has been totally fruitful…at least for the 1/3 of us on PC. It has rejuvenated interest in a 4 year old game for that side of the house.

I personally congratulate GB on allowing our threads on the subject and while I can understand your disappointment…there is nothing really GB can do about the licensing issues.

Old Soldier axiom: 1/3 of the available reinforcements is better than no available reinforcements.

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Just posted this and I hope it will help control what you just talked about. Thanks for pointing it out.

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