Just some ideas for the future what do you guys think?

I’ve been wondering for some future content some possible variations for annointed enemies. So far all we’ve seen has been Bandits, maybe it could be expanded into skags, varkids or something. Maybe even mix it up and have boss respawns come back occasionally as annointed with differences somewhat in loot drops.

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I like the idea of doing something different with enemies. Like evolving into different behaving predators… But I absolutely loathe the random behaviour of anointed enemies, and would hate more of that design.

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No more anointed. Plus, they only really make sense as CoV anyway.

It would be cool to have more RNG in spawns. I was thinking about more unique mobs related to area, that do not spawn in specific place and do not have specific item tables. Something that would incorporate elements like:
× mobility for faster flanking,
× symbiosis of species / units - class based enemies - tank, dps, healer (similar to NOGs),
× predators that hunt / ambush VHs,
× unit duplication (e.g. when unit reaches 50% hp - duplicate).

I kinda miss treshers and stalkers…

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Thematically, it makes no sense to make more anointed enemies outside of the CoV. But I think, for creatures, they could have an enrage mechanic, which gives a chance for each of them to transform into a “rabid” version when one of their allies is slain. I miss being bullied by rabid skags and stalkers. For Maliwan, I guess they could summon more mechs.

Same I miss the threshers as well. And bullymongs. Keep wondering why we don’t see a one of them on pandora.


Maybe even manned maliwan turret vehicles or something. Perhaps in the future the modifiers could add variety to enemies like certain ones would cause more unique and unusual enemies to be in the area. Or bandits to ride skags with either weapons on the skags or them themselves being armed. The T-Rexs on Eden 6 could have elements naturally, or be mounted perhaps. Aerial vehicles probably would be out of the question or mounted Rakk. Idk just ideas.


BL2 had mounted skags in the Nisha area, I remember. Don’t see why they never popped up elsewhere.

Given that you release threshers on elpis in TPS, maybe they’ll pop up in an elpis DLC for B3? Hope so, as they were good.
I don’t miss the rabid stalkers much, as they were sooooo annoying, but I love goliaths going berserk, so having a chance for rabid enemies would be good, if they had a small chance to attack allies, too.

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