Just some problems

lvl 50 mayhem 3
Hoarder tinks - seem to have no value im up to 3 kills highest items dropped is 1 epic each.

Anointed - make the tinks actually fight im tired of running them down like they are hoarder tinks with grey items to give (honestly just overhaul your anointed they are kinda bad)

badass - you know there are other weapons than rockets right? just checking because when they have rockets they have the IQ of skag droppings. its a shooting gallery; 5 shots, must be reloading, pop up and shoot in head, dont worry they only side step wont advance wont hide just reloads and fires at you again as you hide and count, normal badasses push up on you. if you change it so they do advance dont make them so common.

i truly believe you shut off the 500% loot in mayhem, not turned it down, not adjusted it, turned it off.