Just some suggestions to make Rath a more viable assassin

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My reasoning for it being one was because you said innate when equipping a regen item is doable by everyone and not innate. Rath can also grab a regen serum thing.

My apologies, as another passive person I meant this sincerely. I could definitely see how this could be perceived that way, but since ganja told me sarcasm was generally against the forum rules I’ve been avoiding that like three separate plagues (and my general maximum rudeness response is being overly patronizing until someone realizes their mistake). I tried to word it as non-aggressively as possible but seems I over corrected unfortunately. Sorry! Seriously though, did you hear it from Grant or somebody? And anything else you’ve heard?

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It’s not just his sprint speed, it’s also his double jump to consider. It’s hard for ranged characters to hit you when you are jumping around as you approach. And his hit box isn’t that big. He’s not a small target but he’s still harder to hit than most character. I don’t understand why that makes him more susceptible to a lot of the game’s CC. A few of them like Shield throw or Bola are easier to use against someone that isn’t a small target but I don’t feel like that’s detrimental. [quote=“akumakuro4004, post:18, topic:1551501”]
For me It’s not really about giving something up or anything, I just think they both should have this innately.

This makes no sense to me. There are some helixes that are no brainers for every character but that doesn’t mean that they should be available immediately. The point of the game is that your character gets stronger as the game goes on, Rath getting a double jump at level three is just an example of that. If Rath should have it by default then give a reason for it beyond the fact that you think so.[quote=“akumakuro4004, post:18, topic:1551501”]
As I’ve seen, literally all good Melka player have Drained Regrowth Serum at the start of the match, making it a must have thing as a Melka, I don’t know about you but 21 points per sec anytime is way better than lifesteal that doesn’t go through shields and you have to be hitting something to heal which is why I see more Raths with health regen since this stat gut buffed.

Epicender beat me to this but literally anyone can but on HP Regen gear. It’s not exclusive to Mellka. If Rath equips an HP regen then we’re back to the same point we started at.[quote=“akumakuro4004, post:18, topic:1551501”]
I would want GBX to change it or buff it some way to at least be more viable at first glance, still silence is way better.

I don’t think anything would change it to make it better. It will always be a debuff in my opinion. One of the major roles Rath has is to take on the job as a disruptor when there is no one to assassinate. Positioning yourself to get the most out of Catalytic Smash is nearly impossible if you move before you activate the skill.

I think you meant level 7. And about that damage boost… It’s not worth it. Rath’s base DPS is among the lowest of the melee battleborn characters and while they benefit greatly from an 18% increase it’s not that much on Rath. Here’s another video of mine. Pay attention to the Orendi I kill as I’m chasing her up the stairs.

Notice that as I’m chasing her she is unaffected by any CC and sprinting away yet I’m still moving (not sprinting) faster than she is sprinting. I feel that chase power is far greater than the 18% increase to damage. Not to mention how useful it is for escape.

This is a touchy topic for me. Rath is easy to use but difficult to master. Gearbox uses data mining to determine balance changes and if there are only a few good Rath players and the rest are trash then Rath will get buffed unnecessarily. Just because he’s difficult to use against skilled players doesn’t mean he needs a buff. The same thing was true with Benedict and Kleese and they were buffed unnecessarily and the few people that played them well before can dominate a battlefield now. If I still played them after their buffs I would have Angel of Death by now. If Rath gets buffed too much then I won’t be able to enjoy playing him anymore. [quote=“akumakuro4004, post:18, topic:1551501”]
most of the time with how good CSmash is, you either using it to initiate a fight, kill or secure a kill, help allies or disrupt the enemy, you’ll be likely to have this on CD, not saying that is not possible because I do this too but when you do this, early game or if you didn’t pick Evasive Maneuvers you have no other way to escape other than to rely on his speed, and in this time you’ll still be in their line of sight compared to the other characters and you can still get killed way more easier than the others, CSmash is really just an out to melee characters and bodyblocking (seldom times), ranged can still hit you and you can still be hit with CC or hawkeyed, there are also characters where you can’t simply jump over even with Terror From Above, I also think he’s fine with his high sprint but that’s just it, he’s just fine to the rest who are exceptional, no matter if you CSmash you don’t get out of sight and you stil can potentially get stuck therefore going through enemies with an sprint quick melee would be nice on him as i would make him exceptional at escaping and chasing kills.

I almost never use Smash to initiate. I use it when enemy’s overextend, to set up kills for teammates, disruption, and securing kills. I would only ever initiate with it if I have a team backing me up so I don’t have to worry about getting cornered or if I know that I can secure a kill in 1 on 1. [quote=“akumakuro4004, post:18, topic:1551501”]
30%/18%, 40%/0% and 20%/21% ( Or is it 40%/18%, 50%/0% and 20%/31%

If you are using Improved Genetic Syphon and Lenore’s Lament it’s (skill/melee) Skillful Syphoning 40/26, Swordsman’s salve 10/48 and Not a Vampire 20/37. Judging by how you said 40/0 you must not know that Improved Genetic Syphon allows for lifesteal on skills once stacks are acquired. [quote=“akumakuro4004, post:18, topic:1551501”]
that would be a way better option than SSalve just the thought of losing lifesteal on my kit makes it unappealing to me.

Yup you don’t know about the interaction between Improved Genetic Syphon and Swordsman’s Salve. [quote=“akumakuro4004, post:18, topic:1551501”]
Oh no at lvl 10 dreadwind’s base lvl 10 damage is good, It’s at lvl 5 where I have a problem with, at lvl 7 and 8 It already scales to do decent damage but at lvl 5 it just doesn’t feel like an Ult, I know that when the next big patch comes they at least have to fix one thing on it, preferably I hope the damage and/or cooldown. I also go for movement speed as I can bodyblock characters from escaping.

As Rath levels so do his enemies. They get more health and more ways to escape or survive. His Ult shouldn’t be used to 100-0 anyone other than an extremely squishy character. It still out damages most other characters ults, just against a single target.