Just started a melee Amara playthrough and

…REALLY ENJOYING IT! Thought I was going to have a rough time since I’ve played Normal multiple times with guns but I find it way easier killing most enemies with melee rather than with guns. For a few reasons:
-Shield enemies are way easier melee
-Badasses are way easier melee since they just want to go 1v1 me and stay still
-Enemies that run towards you are easy targets now

Only problem I am having as a Melee Amara is with bosses. My gear is all green so that is probably the reason (minus Buttplug) but man bosses are just so hard for me to kill I usually have to end up doing grenade spam and running around in circles for a long time. I’m going to be fighting Grave in a minute and am dreading how I’m going to kill him melee-style.

With that said I am awfully missing having a more ‘melee mode’ Action Skill akin to Brick or Krieg or Zero. With either of those characters I would use my Action Skill and just run around going into Hulk mode and killing everything while my Action Skill was active. To contrast this Amara does not have a ‘mode’ she goes into and while I do enjoy how unique and varied her playstyle is I just wish a future DLC would add a more ‘melee’ Action Skill of old.
Phaseslam: I’m just not getting used to this no matter how many times I use it and more often than not it costs me going into FFYL. I’ll see a Badass and run to them and do my Slam only for the Badass to kill me as I’m about to slam down. In a group of enemies I slam down and sometimes land totally off or get stuck somewhere. If barrels are nearby I die. In Boss fights it is just hard for me to hit them with the actual Slam.
Phasecast: Tried using it for an extended time but I just can’t get the aiming down. The enemies always seem to dodge this or I just clip them and it does little to no damage.
Phasegrasp: The only ability I actually like and it is a rehash of Maya. The only problem is sometimes the grasp floats the enemies too far and I can’t melee them and if I’m going into the melee tree then I lose out on Slam bonuses and the way Action Skill Damage skills work.

Kinda just wishing Amara could have gotten a more straightforward Action Skill giving her melee destruction powers with a nice flow instead of me having to stop attacking and do my Action Skill animation. (Which almost always disorients or kills me)

Glad you’re enjoying it, she’s really great. On my story playthrough with her I went mostly into the green tree (although my mod gave me illuminated fist so I specced a little into fist of the elements, took the fire augment and doubled illuminated fist before returning to the green skills) and switched to phasecast for bosses. Bosses, especially Graveward, took some time but it was still fantastic fun and thanks to the plentiful survival skills I barely ever went down.