Just Started Splinterlands and Enemies are 10 Levels Lower Than My Character

My character is a level 38 Siren and I just started the Splinterlands area of Pandora and the NPCs and listed quests are down at level 26. Given that this is one of the last areas of the game this is a real problem as I am now getting little or no experience and the loot is terrible. I thought this was fixed in the last update. Is there a workaround and will it be fixed soon?

I had the same problem last night. Level 38 Moze and the area is all level 26ish. I figured the next area would be right, but Carnivora (or whatever) is at 25ish.

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I was going to make a thread about this, but found this one started. That being said I wonder if this is an oversight. It’s the next location in the story, but the area is criminally underleveled.

Yes. I noticed this. It’s like they switched the order. Quest said level 35, but map all 26, or something like that.

The funny thing is that, if I recall correctly, someone made a post about this exact issue in the patch update thread after Gearbox stated they’d fixed some enemy level scaling issues near the end of the campaign. A Gearbox employee replied that the patch “should help with that.” Guess they were ill-informed, because the situation in the Splinterlands is still the same.