Just started the game and I need some good/decent gear

I just got the game and I was wondering if anyone has any good leftover items they could give me and help me level up.
My PSN is RingsOfSaturn613
it would really be appreciated

normal mode in the begining is pretty gentle. no worries on the gear. play away.

Boss rates are up, loot is extremely easy at the moment. Good Luck

What level are you? I “might” have some lower level gear you can have.

forgot to mention, for TPS

Not meaning to be a downer but if you have just gotten the game, you wouldn’t be able to use the gear people give you since you would need to get to X lvl for said gear. By the time you got there you could have potentially gotten that same gear if not better gear and no longer need the gear they have given you.

Help with lvling up though is always useful :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Good luck in your adventures!