Just started UVHM, obsolete time to complete/loot Pirate DLC?

I’m really itching to do this DLC, its my only one at the moment and really entertains me, all the sidequests and story, etc.
Was just curious when is a good time to start it for loot/xp, I’m aware I can only loot the Chamber once so I don’t wanna do it too early if it’s best to wait.

There’s no harm in tackling it immediately, particularly since it will give you a good armory of weapons to start UVHM vanilla (Pimps, sandhawks etc).

You could knock the DLC over and reset your UVHM playthrough so it’s still available to you later on.


Technically you can do it twice- once you complete it initially it will show up again on the bounty board. The second time thru can be done at any time- you just don’t fight Capt Scarlet and Roscoe again…

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The only potential problem with doing Scarlett straight away is that completing the story means you’ve accepted the Sandhawk at whatever level, but still have a long way to go to max. As @Ginger_greninja excellently pointed out though, you could do the DLC straight away (before doing much if any of UVHM story) and immediately reset. That’d give you a Sandhawk and Pimpernel to start off with (nice!) and you could repeat your favourite DLC right at the end.

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Since both the Pimpernel and the Sandhawk are top tier weapons, they will last longer in UVHM. And since UVHM is resetable, you can always come back for these guns when you’re at a higher level. Also keep in mind that you may want to try outy a different character at some point. If you stash your good guns on a mule, they will come in handy when you level up the next char. Just saying… :wink: