Just starting back on B2 and looking for co-op players

Just started back on borderlands 2 and doing a new playthrough on op1. Looking for some players that wount rush through the game since it was a long time ago that i played it. By that i mean that i don’t know exactly the best way to progress so i might make mistakes :slight_smile:

My timezone is CEST and i play mostly in the mornings or afternoon,
Gamertag is the same as forum name.

ill join u if u want

I’d be so down to coop with someone My gamer ID thingy is Wafflyjoker616. (I think it’s my username on here). Sorry but for the time being I can only play on weekends. But in about a month I probably could play during weeks. So send me a friend request if you want to coop with me

I’m not the best either but I also like to do all of the missions
If I’m krieg I’ll probably go down a lot until I’m level 31

I have send both of you a friends request so you can join when ever you have the time to play.

Add MiKeDzNuttz, I can help Co-op however you need it

Also send you a friends request.