Just stop Already!

I stopped playing 4 or 5 days ago after farming for the “Kybs Worth” in the Maliwan Take down over and over and over and over again with no such luck. I thought that with the drop rates increased that I would have one drop after a few days of farming. Not only did I not have one drop but I had a few weapons go missing from my inventory and bank. One of which I used quite often and had a lot of fun with (Lucky 7). After realizing I had some how lost that weapon I went back and started farming it, again THINKING that it would drop easily due to the event and remembering that when I played before the “EVENT” that the “Lucky 7” would almost drop every time I killed the boss that dropped it. After many attempts I could not get the weapon to drop, which is very frustrating. From my perspective it seems that every time there is an “event” or “hotfix” something stops acting the way it should or at least the way it had been to the determent of the game.

As a fan and a close neighbor to Gearbox HQ I have been promoting Borderlands 3 to many of my friends and family but I don’t believe I will be playing or talking much about the game until I know it is safe to come back and play. By “safe” I mean enjoyable!

Farm for Kybs on M1. You can breeze through it faster. Let me know what kind of Kybs you are looking for and I can help keep an eye out, PSN: JayBowdy