Just text me to get a gun

Any gun I got you can have

Redistributor? GT Jabezz.

No but I do have a Infinity storm pistol

I will be on at 7:00

Any more guns

nnointed currsman? GT conch8

May be a long shot but do you have any infinity with the consecutive hits bonus? GT whatevercb

Fire or Corrosive Lyuda? GT: xNOT2DAYx

A Maggie would be great and also a night hawkin and a Recursion if you have any spare?
Gamertag same as username here, thanks!

Any x2 quickies?

Heartbreaker or slow hand just to try them out

Or a

Laser-Sploder in fire or rad

GT SuitableTrain8


Brainstormer, preferably GB anointed or ASE 50%?
Or GB anointed Dictator
Or GB anointed Rad Foursum?

Thanks in advance

GT dafatman911

I’m a noob so i know the names. But a 1 shot kill anything. And a fancy rocket launcher. Please and thanks . Gt- HazeDaze421