Just the three extra skins per character?

So besides the DDE and gold skins, are there currently only three more skins per character to get out of the gear boxes? The three being:
-Dark purple/Blue

Those are the only color schemes I’ve seen so far. I know they’re adding more, I just assumed there would be a great deal many more right out of the gate.

Patience my friend. All in due time… Muahahahahhaaaa!

Oh ya I can be patient. it’s just that I see a lot of people here stressing out over not getting customization options from loot packs, when in reality there’s only like 15 skins and a handful of taunts to be had per faction.

Unless someone has evidence of more (current) skins, my plan is to be patient and hoard money until I can get more, better skins.

Supposedly you can see more skins in private versus matches. It’s kinda got the “look don’t touch… yet” vibe. It’s a little annoying at times, but getting that sweet black and purple skin at rank 15 is so worth it.

The release of tier 2 skins are supposed to time with alani in the “coming weeks”. No idea on timing of tier 3

Remember BL2, did we start and end with the same amount of customization…no. Patience.