Just thought i'd slap down my own fanmade Fl4k skill tree

Note that I made this before any info was leaked about the new skill trees.

Tree name: Pandemonium

Action skill: Bloodsport
When Fl4k activates bloodsport he summons his other 4 pets at once onto the battlefield. With the exception of his active pet, the base versions of the other 4 pets will be summoned. Including both of his rakks. They will fly around as normal and when they hit an enemy they will fly up and circle around for a few seconds then target another enemy. Fl4k gains 4 more charges of his attack command and each use cycles between the pets, starting with his active pets and cycling through his action skills, e.g if he has saurian as active pet it would go saurian -> spiderant -> rakks -> jabber -> skag -> saurian.
The attack command for the rakks would make both of them fly in the air, circle around eachother then fly at the enemy. If it is a human target or a small enemy the rakks will team up and lift them into the air and then drop them and deal heavy damage. If it is too big to lift, the rakks will instead charge at them and then hit them, circle round and then hit them again.
Only Fl4k’s active pet can use lick the wounds as all 4 pets trying to revive the player would be silly.

Pet: Saurian Ravager
Pet bonus: 5% damage resistance
Regular attacks: The saurian ravager will swipe an enemy three times with their sharp claws then finish the combo with a big bite. On a succesful four hit combo, the finisher bite will be a critical hit.
Attack command: When Fl4k issues an attack command the saurian ravager will charge up for a huge bite. On a succesful hit the target will begin to bleed for a few seconds.
Gender: Female
Name: Pearly

Tier 1 skills:
1: 5 points
Fl4k’s shields take 6% less damage from all sources

  • 6% per point

2: 3 points
Now He’s Angry.
When Fl4k’s pet does damage they gain increased attack command cooldown.
If Fl4k’s pet kills an enemy they instantly regenerate 16% of attack command’s cooldown. +16% per point

3: 5 points
Elemental Entropy
The more elemental status effects on an enemy there are, the more vunerable the enemy becomes.
Each point adds 3% more damage vunerability per status effect.

Tier 2 skills:
1: 5 points
Periodic Dabble
Fl4k gives themselves and teammates bonus elemental damage and status effect chance.
+4% elemental damage and status chance per point for Fl4k.
+2% elemental damage and status chance per point for allies.

2: 5 points
Tooth and Gun
Whenever Fl4k and Fl4k’s pet are targeting the same enemy, Fl4k gains bonus damage and handling and Fl4k pet gains bonus damage and attack speed/fire rate.

  • 4% for all buffs per point up to 20%

Tier 3 skills:
1: 3 points
Friends together
Allies that are close by Fl4k will gain buffs (includes pets) to fire rate, reload speed and accuracy on player allies (and jabber). Pets gain bonus damage and movement speed.

  • 5% per point

2: 3 points
Tools of Deconstruction
Whenever Fl4k issues an attack command, they have a chance to drop a prototype tediore legged grenade. The spawned “Clanker” grenade runs towards the nearest enemy and detonates on contact. If a clanker doesn’t hit an enemy within 5 seconds of being spawned, they detonate anyway.

  • 16% chance per point up to 50% chance and +1 second to clanker fuse time per point

Tier 4 skills:
1: 3 points
Whenever Fl4k’s action skill activates or deactivates they have a chance to drop a healing pod on the floor. The healing pod will first have to tether to enemies and drain their health. When an ally (including pets) comes within range of the healing pod, it will tether to them and begin healing them. It does not regenerate shields or iron bear’s armour bar.
Each point added increases radius and heal rate/ heath leech rate by 3% heath per second up to 9% health per second

2: 5 points
Bombs For Breakfast
Whenever Fl4k’s pet lands an attack command on an enemy, they spawn a bouncing grenade that seeks out and bounces towards enemies, exploding after a time limit or when they hit an enemy.

  • 1 grenade dropped per point.
    (total grenades divided between amount of enemies hit with attack command)

Tier 5 skills:
1: 1 point
While Fl4k’s action skill is active he generates an aura around himself that buffs allies’s damage and reload speed by 20% and movement speed by 10 %

2: 3 points
Circuit Overload
When Fl4k enters Fight For Your Life, they overload their circuits and create a shock nova. Nova damage is increased if Fl4k enters Fight For Your Life while their pet is down, at the cost of slightly reduced fire rate for a few seconds

3: 1 point
Self Defence System
Whenever Fl4k takes heath damage, they have a chance to deploy a seeking zip rocket at the enemy that dealt the damage.
10% base chance. Zip rocket chance and damage is increased based on how much damage was dealt to fl4k. if damage taken is equal to or greater than total health the chance to deploy a zip rocket is 100%

Capstone skill:
Protocol W.1.K
While Fl4k’s pet is alive, Fl4k is immune to self damage.
While Fl4k’s pet is dead, they gain 10% increased movement speed, 50% increased accuracy and 30% gun damage.

Pet mutation 1: Saurian Ramtaurus
Pet Bonuses: 5% damage resistance. 10% splash damage
Regular Attacks: the Saurian Ramtaurus will bite an enemy three times and on a successful combo the charger will rear back and do a small charge which will do a critical hit and has a small chance of ragdolling targets.
Attack Command: The Saurian Ramtaurus will first get into line of sight of an enemy and will then rear back and then put their head down and begin charging at an enemy. On impact with an enemy the Ramtaurus will cause a small explosion. If it kills an enemy they will be gibbed.
SPECIAL: if you hold the touch pet button Fl4k will mount their pet and can control them like a car but from a first person perspective. -weapon accuracy and during an attack command Fl4k puts away their weapon, waits for the Saurian Ramtaurus to impact with something. When within range on an enemy, they will automaticly do their basic bite attack.

Pet mutation 2: Saurian Slinger
Pet Bonuses: 5% damage resistance. 10% DOT damage
Regular Attacks: The Saurian Slinger will start a combo with three swipes from it’s big claws that cause low damage bleed DOT’s The fourh hit is a roundabout swipe with it’s bladed tail that causes a high damage bleed DOT.
Attack Command: The Saurian Slinger will run near the target and then sling blades in a circular wave around itself. Every blade that hits an enemy will cause a low damage bleed DOT.
SPECIAL: if you hold the touch pet button Fl4k will mount their pet and can control them like a car but from a first person perspective. -weapon accuracy. On attack command, Fl4k will put away their weapon and then when the Saurian Slinger ejects all the blades, they will bring their weapon out again. When the Saurian Slinger is within range of an enemy, they will automatically do their basic swipe attack.

Augment 1: Scatter!
When the pets are initially summoned, for the first 5 seconds each pet projects a fear aura that will cause enemies to run away from the pets. Enemies who are running away from a pet take 10% increased damage from the pet that they are running away from.

Augment 2: What Are You Feeding Them?
Each pet that is summoned from Bloodsport is imbued with a random element. If the pet already does an elemental attack, the attack does additional damage in the imbued element.

Augment 3: They Do Hunt In Packs.
The more pets that are targeting the same enemy, that enemy takes 10% increased damage per pet currently targeting them. 15% damage per attack command targets on the same enemy.

Augment 4: Evolution Revolution
With the exception of their active pet, the summoned pets from bloodsport are evolved into one of their two mutations. This is chosen at random.

Also note that i didn’t balance this in any way at all, the stats i have put down are more placeholders.

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I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but whta’s the direction/focus of this skill tree? I see more focus on pets, but what is essential difference between this and current blue tree?

Getting buffed for losing the pet is a nice idea, that could be exploited. That in itself could be a skill tree direction - bringing some YuGiOh vibes.

Anyway, good stuff :slight_smile:

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It’s meant to be a split between spreading damage as far as possible with the mini grenades and zip rockets and supportive healing/buffing skills. That would put Fl4k in a class of his own with abilities no other VH has.


Augment 2 spunds pretty dope, I hope they do something like this!

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