Just thought of something, probably you could do digi peak upto OP8 with mostly mission weps

I thought we were way past that stage in this games lifecycle, but it se ems that some people still aren’t quite convinced. Me, on the other hand, will gladly join in the choir that declares this gun as one of the worst guns in the game.

The low damage and high ammo consumption has already been covered, so I’ll just go ahead and point out two other things that @Enderborn1 mentioned in the previous post: Reload speed and Accuracy.

Reloading this gun while you’re fighting is a sure way to go into FFYL. Most launchers reload faster, and that says it all. Accuracy… OMG! You’ll waste half the mag on any enemy that’s not really close. And once they’re close enough to get hit, it’s gonna be too late. They’ll kill you before this gun has managed to kill them. Surveyors and Rabids will be a nightmare.

One more thing to consider is the fact that if all these guns are mission weapons, it means that they will will have different parts and prefix every time you save & quit. The AR can also have different element.

While I’m known to - occasionally :innocent: - poke fun of things, this was simply meant as Don’t-Do-It advice. It’s going to be a PITA!

If time is an issue, and re-setting the game is unwanted, then let’s look at the options. Any items that aren’t mission rewards can be farmed at which ever level you want. These are items such as Harold, Hornet, Bee etc. Things like these make the Peak much less painful.


I’m fairly certain that the one you get for the mission to go after Doc Mercy is non elemental (that non-slag purple) every time (is this the one you’re talking about)? If you’re talking about a ‘regular’ elemental one from wherever normal source, let us know how that goes for you.

I use them, but I give them a full 5-level OP buff (and Gaige does her best with her COMs and skills), which makes them lethal enough for me, but I wouldn’t advocate that anyone else use them. If I take these up past OP3 (where the buff is accordingly lower), they falter quick. At OP8? Even I won’t use these there.


In UVHM (and maybe True) it can spawn with an element. Remember that horrifying thread a year or two ago when we were testing which guns could count towards the mission? A fire one spawned for me when I loaded the mission once. That’s the only reason I know.

It’s still a fun gun in normal. Five OP levels though? Sounds extreme!

Edit : to save my sanity, I’m stepping away from this thread now. Enjoy storming the tower!


It’s NE in NVHM, but usually come with an element in both TVHM and UVHM. It’s “extra fun” when you get a corrosive or slag version.

Oh crazy… I’m sure I’ve always rolled the NE version, but I’ll have to check next time.

For twice the ammo cost, I want it to hit a tad harder than ‘normal’ at least. This far into UVHM, it needs it. I literally used it like half an hour ago… gave it to Gaige with a Punk COM for +11 in The Better Half with a fire rate buff, and a Bandit allegiance relic that also buffed fire rate… almost shoots like a laser.


I think one of the laser weapons from pre-sequel was based on etech blaster?

Yeah the Dhal barrel i believe makes a laser the " Blaster " type, like for example the thunderfire, but should be said that Blasters in TPS are way more good than e-tech AR in BL2


I actually preferred the shotgun lasers or taser lasers. But yeah lasers in general were pretty OP especially with Wilhelm, Wilhelm + lasers = easy mode

Damn it! Welp, that leave me out. Peace! :v:t2:


You get a Ravager in that mission.

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