Just throwing a few ideas out there into the void

2 ideas.

First we have Versus (public and private), Story (public and private) and Operations (public and private). I was thinking we add a fourth to that. There may be a bot of overlap here with Versus private so I’m not sure how that should be handled. I’d like to see a mode that includes a bot match mode. You queue up to form a team that faces off against a team of bots. The second team will always be a full team of bots. If your team can’t find enough members within a certain duration those spots will be filled with bots. Overwatch has this kind of mode as does Heroes of the Storm, Rainbow Six: Siege and other games. It’s a nice change of pace for those who like the versus mode but don’t always like going up against human players.

I’m not sure what you would call this mode (feel free to make suggestions). Some may say you can just use the Versus Private, but this is for bot matches only with no human opponents on the other team, and it allows for you to play in a public queue with random people for those times you don’t have a full group of friends. You could change the Versus Private so that it would require at least one human opponent on each team and have this mode for pure bot matches. I would also like to see people be able to complete versus lore in this mode against the bots. I know a lot of people might think that this is a bad idea or unnecessary but I think it could really help the game out in a lot of ways. More than a lot of people realize.

The next idea is a bit different. When you look at all of the story in the game, all of the little hidden bits of lore and such, the depth of the characters and such I see a lot of potential. I see all of the cinematics that Overwatch made for their game and I look at animated series like RWBY, BBK/BRNK, and Karen Senki and I think that Gearbox could do the same, even just using the in-game graphics (or whatever they are using for their promotional materials if they are using something a bit different for them). Even if the game continues to do poorly I still think that Gearbox could recover any money lost on the project by investing in an animated series. You could look into making deals with Netflix or Crunchyroll. Mind you, I don’t see 2K getting behind this so this is probably another idea that’s dead before I’ve even finished suggesting it.

My first idea is far more likely to be realized, but even then I think the odds are slim in favor of that happening. I think both ideas are ideas that could benefit the game (former and possibly the latter) and Gearbox (both former and latter). The first idea I am hoping wouldn’t involve too much work to implement, but the second is going to involve a considerable amount of resources and may be considered too much of a gamble to risk even though I think it would be worth the risk (the people with the money may think otherwise).

I should note, neither of these ideas are new or revolutionary. Both have been suggested before in one form or another and I guess I’m just adding my +1.


As for your first idea, I like it, but I do think that the bots should be alot more smarter than they actually are.
Perhaps Killzone’s Botzone spoiled me, but the bots in Bb make sure I dont even bother with the PvP part of the game with them.

For your second, I’m definetly behind this one. Could be interesting. There’s quite a bit of lore I’d like to see visualised.

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I still want to see the scene they used in the open beta before starting a story level. Right now we have the animated cutscene that borrows bits from the animation from the Prologue. I’d like to have the option to see both (which you can set to A, B or random in the options). But seeing what they can do with all of the promotional materials as well as the cutscenes and the like I think there is a lot of potential for an animated series. They seriously need to look at this, though I have little faith that they will.


The first idea I won’t discuss. It’s a good one, don’t get me wrong, but I see no point to talk about something I overall agree with.

The second idea is not something I fundamentally disagree with, but I simply don’t see how anyone involved would make back any money after the investment when it’s such a drastic gamble at this point. Why would an animated series of Battleborn succeed at this juncture? Battleborn believed that the story, the PvP games, the lore challenges, and weekly Battleplans that have a bit of lore (which some members of this forum have expressed that it really takes away from the immersion of the world of Solus) are sufficient for the players to be immersed. They didn’t think additional content, like an animated series, was needed to get their players more invested.

With the current state of the game, do the people with the money believe pumping out your idea will even be plausible? I don’t think 2K would be behind it at all, given what they have done to Evolve, a game they stated that they had faith in the developer to generate momentum for. We all know how that story went.

I see the current situation like a teenager not doing well in school, where the parents will still put a roof over the child’s head but don’t expect them to give him any extra allowance to buy stuff.

Holosim Encounter :stuck_out_tongue:


these were fun even if they are made on a lower budget

Blizzard cinematic trailers are very polished.

I would like anime cinematics for each characer that shows how badass they and have them battle other battleborn or enemies (whether en mass or big ones) that highlight what they are best at (alas sadly gearbox does not have blizzard amount money

After reading many of your posts over a length of time, this legitimately made me laugh

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To be fair that was before they started making the lore come from the world of battleborn

I could go and praise the idea to the skies and heavens, but it’s 6 months in and GBX haven’t delivered a method to complete lore challenges in private versus, modify an alternative requirement to complete them in PvE story or OPs, so I don’t really see any point in me writing any more than I have to towards an idea that I want to happen.

GBX overestimated what their players are willing to do to play their PvP. It’s a design decision they gambled on and lost before trying to remedy it -assuming that they are behind the scenes.


I’m not talking about this as an idea to draw more people to the game. I am talking about this as an entirely separate venture. Even if the game fails there is still enough there to make a series that can succeed on it’s own merits. If it helps the game, great. If it doesn’t that doesn’t matter as that wasn’t the intent behind it anyway. Besides, in the time it would take to make the series who knows where the game would be t that time. It may be too late for it to be of any help to the game. And who says that the money has to come from 2K or Gearbox? That’s why I suggested a deal with Netflix or Crunchyroll or the like. Find someone else who is willing to invest.

I was thinking more of the stuff they’ve done here:

And here:

And in the scenes like where Deande first appears in the Prologue.

Anyway, I threw this out there kind of knowing nothing is going to come of it.


I also would really like to see an animated series of the Battleborn story, but I sincerely doubt it would happen. Regrettably, the additional production costs would probably be too high - this game is barely making enough money as it is.

Perhaps alongside a very well advertised re-release then it could work, but that likely won’t happen for a while.

i still wanna animate benedicts tales if i ever get the chance.

so i support both of these.


Co-Op vs AI modes are pretty standard in most similar games these days. There are a lot of casual gamers who simply won’t play PvP against other people for plenty of reasons, and this game is missing out on those players for that reason. I know people who have reached level 100 in Overwatch just doing the various Co-Op vs AI modes. Ah well, maybe someday…

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Understandable. Killzone has the Rolls-Royce of bot matches.

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@jythri commented on the first idea during the AMA:

« We’re exploring this now. It’s something we probably CAN do after the October 13th patch, but we won’t have any improvements in bot AI in the short term. As many players have recognized, our bots can be somewhat…clunky…in how they play. Still, might be better than no matches or curb-stomps, especially for new players. »