Just two questions

hi all,
their are 2 things i dont unsderstand in the game. first, what causes your minions to put an overshield on your team? also what is accuracy? what does lowering it or raising it do?

The floating minion is what gives all nearby allies an over shield. Kill them asap as enemies getting an over shield could be problematic.

High accuracy means your bullets all shoot in the center of the ridicule.

Low accuracy means your bullets aren’t concentrated in the middle.
A shotgun is a classic example of a low accuracy weapon.

i am no troll. i am a goblin. but what causes the the floating minion to give the overshield? also is their a stat you can raise to increase the amount of damage from a gun at a distance?

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What legend said.

The Shepherd bot is the specific unit that gives the overshield; it’s the one that flies over the other minions. Once in a while it will pulse and give all friendly units an overshield; don’t remember the specific time.

Accuracy is what it sounds like. Weapons in the game have a set accuracy that controls if they hit what you aim at without any chance of the shot drifting. Compare Marquis’ sniper shot with Ghalt’s shotty, for example.

Recoil effects accuracy for a lot of champs.

Hope it helps

I wanna expand on this

Accuracy is the base standard. As you fire, SPREAD increases. This is NOT recoil. Spread reduces accuracy, and the reticle will expand to display this. This cannot be changed except by devs. Most noticeable display is Mellka’s primary. RECOIL is the slight uptick of your gun as you fire. Most noticeable on Whiskey Foxtrots ult. This can be reduced or you can shift downwards to fight the recoil effect. Spread can not be fought against except by moving closer. Spread automatically increases as you jump and move. Recoil does not. Only spread increases as you fire. Not directed at you but just wanted to put this out there


I guess this explains why some of my old item sets just flat out sucked; thanks for the details.


Just jumping in here to say a few words:

Everyone is a beginner at something at some point, and as beginner its important to ask questions. Even if its regarding minor things or details others might call “obvious”.

I don´t want to see any further ridiculing about questions, even if one might deem the question to be “stupid” or “trolling”.
If you come across something that could be interpreted as trolling/sarcasm use the flag-system and we moderators look into it.

As community we should aim to make new members & players feel welcome and help them out with the little tips, tricks and things one can easily oversee in the chaos of battle.


I’m pretty sure what you’re asking about is falloff damage. Our gun toting Battleborn all have a range where they’re damage starts to drop off at, and there’s no way you can change this, BUT you an increase the original damage output but putting on gear that increases attack damage.

Though I’m not sure if the scope helix choices change Oscar Mike’s, or Whiskey Foxtrot’s falloff damage, but I assume it doesn’t.

Hope that helps.

Not all I think, Marquis scope shouldn’t have drop off and neither does Montanas mini gun. Don’t quote me on that though.

Whiskeys scope also lessens his drop off so I assume OM’s does too.

I guess I will add one as well. Why Thralls sometimes rush forward quickly? Is there a way to cause it?

Certain thralls will just bum rush the first thing they agro onto, specifically the small Primal Thralls, the Brutes, and the Bonecrushers. Usually they agro onto the first enemy they see or the first enemy to damage them, unless they can’t reach said enemy.

Sorry, I meant in PvP, incursion.


Now that I think about it, I second this question. I’d always assumed it was some weird AI thing, but if there’s a reason I’d love to know it.

The Thralls in PVP were given skills they can use. The Bonecrusher has two throw up skills for wiping minions and a dash skill to puch back Battleborn/Other Thralls/Big Minions. The shielded Thralls have a shield dash skill for melee attackers, or closing in distances, and two grenades. One normal grenade, and one my friends and I have taken to calling the Tank Buster grenade. It does major damage to anything it hits and is used to drop the sentry shield fast.