Just unlocked attikus

And kept getting stuck in doors trying to get out of my base. He seems really slow moving and attacking. You can fix it with gear and considering he’s fairly late game that shouldn’t be a problem but it left me feeling underpowered. Not really what you expect playing a hulking gladiator fresh from the fighting pits.

just learn to play him right, I can say he’s very powerfull
Difficult at the begining of a game, but level 10 he kick ass

I played someone using him earlier who seemed to be kicking butt so I probably just need to play him more and work on my progression. Thanks for giving me hope again for the Robo hulk.

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I just played him for the first time 10 kills 3 deaths he is good xD

He’s a fun brawler. Have a difficult time with his ult knockup, I feel I only get 50% of my damage with it in if they’re being knocked up, as only every second hit does damage since they don’t seem to get hurt by it while in the air.

Maybe i’m doing it wrong?

I have that problem even without the knock up helix mod. Every time I use it only every other wave seems to hit. But if you switch targets all waves hit and do damage. I end up trying to bounce between two or three people.