Just used all ammo up on 3 guns at Skywell EVEN after looting all crates during a single battle. (level 20)

I think maybe the enemies take too many hits to die, and this is with a very high crit rate (playing Zane with freeze perk). I would never have finished without constant critting.

Something is wrong Gearbox, you overtweaked everything for some reason, even on lower levels. I’m constantly running around having to open every single lootable to scrounge together ammo, which I think is okay if you are using one or two guns exclusively, but I’m using 3 (down from 4 and 5 earlier in the game), and it’s just getting ridiculous.


I ran out of ammo a couple times there too. I’ve been kinda lazy about selling all the junk & buying sdu’s though, which would probably help somewhat. I feel like there aren’t very many vending machines for the size of some of these maps.

I have multiple SDU upgrades for each of the 3 weapons (up to the 9k one, can’t afford higher).

I tend to agree. If you dont have the right weapons and you arent getting crits left right and Dennis ammo is a bit of scarce resource.

It was something I overcame. but its definitely different from previous games.

Was just griping about this in another thread. Wave after wave after wave of heavy enemies and not nearly enough ammo. Feels like this is a lazy way game designers invent what they think of as a “more challenging battle” and it’s really just a pain in the ass. (An actual more challenging battle: Deadlift in Presequel with the electrified floors)

p.s. What’s critting?

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