Just want to clear something for those saying game has bad graphics

Its called an art style.

if you dont like the graphic, say art style then. because i see most people saying it has bad graphics comparing it to games with more realistic art style.

I myself enjoy the art style borderlands and battleborn uses.

but for windwaker i did not enjoy that art style.


“Bad graphics” is up there with “My dad works at Nintendo” in the echelon of BS arguments.

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Agreed, can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped to admire the scenery in campaign. The music score is awesome as well. The cyber punk techno on mission three when you clear all the waves was awesome.

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I think it’s gorgeous, but people are entitled to their option I guess. But when people say the graphics are awful, etc. it tends to invalidate any other opinion they give, for me. I mean, if it’s not what you’d prefer, cool. That I have no problem with.

graphics and art style are two different things. it’s like saying I dont like mona lisa because it’s so fake looking compared to this photo of a avg person

I really like the art style, but I still think the graphics could be better. Especially the AA. Why use FXAA when there are much better options available? Why is this the only option?

And considering that the graphics are very simple; no super fancy shaders, very basic AA, some low resolution textures… The performance is horrid. Why on earth am I sometimes getting below 30FPS with my set up? It should be better!

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THIS!!! A thousand times this!!! Thank you for making this topic! :heart:
As an artist these “unfinished crappy grafix” comments really make me sad…and mad.

PS: Did I saw your dragon OC on deviantArt? Seems so familiar^^

my dragon, Blue? or the icon who drew it? i had this icon/art drawn by an artist friend for me.
as for my dragon thats off topic XD

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Yeah I ment your dragon^^ I could swear I saw this one before - but maybe your artist friend is active arround on deviantArt.com, I kow far to many people from there :smiley:

Totally off-topic, but it catched my attention :heart:

Back to the topic:
I just can´t understand how people pre-order or buy a game for 70$ and THEN complain.

I saw WindWaker and knew I would never buy it. Because, yeah, I disliked the style too. I saw
Borderlands, or at this point, Battleborn, loved the style and pre-ordered.

Its just madness to see how many gamers pay so much money for something they seem to have disliked from the first sight. Its so stupid. Even more to complain later in such a unfit manor.
Like “Sure, Picasso was just to lazy to finish up his paintings as other artists do, such an idiot!” -.-

@reliikki is bang-on. There is a difference between a game’s visual style and art direction and the actual quality of the graphics. The former is about vision, the latter is about the execution of that vision.

The style is fantastic, but the graphics, other than the player character models, are often mediocre and sometimes poor. Like I said in a similar thread, I love the game but am not blinded by that so as to ignore that the graphics are very simple and look like something that could have come out in 2010 on a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, though with fewer things happening on screen.

I can even excuse simple graphics so the amount of on-screen action can be increased if the frame rate stays constant and the quality is at least even. However, the really poor textures stick out like sore thumbs and the frame rate drops quite often. It seems like Gearbox decided some textures should be very, very low resolution for the sake of performance, but forgot that when these are next to nicer textures they look abysmal.

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See, maybe I’m just from a different time or something, but I just have no idea what people mean by “bad graphics” and I’m convinced 90% of the people who say it don’t either. Battleborn looks fantastic. Simplistic, yes, but I’m not playing Battleborn to go sight seeing. I don’t suffer any frame rate dips (score one for consoles!) and everything is instantly identifiable for me.

Like I said, maybe it’s because I’m from an age where the NES was advertised as having “stunning, high resolution graphics,” but sometimes when people call a game like Witcher 3 gorgeous and then turn around and call Fallout 4 ugly, it just makes me scratch my head and wonder if anyone is even looking at the pictures.

Edit: yeah, I dunno why this responded to someone. I musta clicked it and forgot, sorry.

Edit Edit: Witcher 3, not Either three.



the NES had EPIC graphics :smiley:

snake rattle n roll, bubble bobble, zelda, good memories. the power of my youthful imagination made that forest in zelda a magical place :slight_smile:

now a days i have younger friends if its not running over 60FPS they dont even want to lift their nose to it. such a shame there missing so many great games.

and dont even try to make them read a book XD