Just wanted to say thanks

to all the people who made Homeworld Remastered possible. Yes, there are bugs and balance issues, but you are working hard to communicate with the community and fix things.



What the hell…me too. I really HATE with all my guts what happened to formations and tactics BUT this game’s ip could have ended up being forgotten and you did recover it. There’s a lot of promise for this brand…like A LOT. Keep up the good work.

As you’ll see in other places we’re working on formations/tactics in a big way. Early results are pretty amazing (we’ll share some of that soon…)


All the hype :smiley:


Today was the first day that some of the new stuff is ‘working’ roughly - and it is pretty darn crazy. Not perfect… but moving the right way for sure. @scole or myself will post some GIFs or maybe video (not sure how) in the near future to give a glimpse…


I installed recently Open Broadcaster Software and it worked very fine.
If it’s to show a proof of concept is more than enough.

On topic: thanks once again for all the insights and support !

Yeah, it was interesting. Dave and I had a skype call (I screen shared) and I spawned 15 individual Kushan Heavy Corvettes, bandboxed them into a squadron and put them into a “Broad” formation. Spawned 15 enemy Kushan Heavy Corvettes and told them to fight each other (they use a frontal attack style). They traded losses back and forth, reasonably equally but the focused fire of the squadroned-up vettes begin to take their toll when it was about 10-8 (heavy vettes with 1000 health each). The engagement ended at 8-0 with various members of the squad banged up so it’s looking promising.


I cannot express how awesome this is to hear. Thanks a lot to you guys for all of your hard work :smile:.

Formations are comming back, heal beams are comming back, the might corv wall is comming back.

Oh man. You can’t just tease us like that. :smile:

Yeah, there are things about the game I could complain about, but I am very glad to have you guys working on the game and listening to the fans.

HYPED HYPED HYPED AND HYPED! I cant wait for the patch that fixes that stuff ;D

It is starting to sound like this will all be worth the wait.