Justice For Clappy

Just finished Clappy’s DLC.


That is all.


honestly if given a choice I would side with shadow trap over handsome jack


For realsies!

I had a feeling one of these would pop up lol.

I also had a funny feeling the H Code was tied to the CL4P-TP genocide before completing the DLC. They did a good job with the genocide scene. It made me sad seeing all those clappies we interacted with all go boom :’(

Shadowtrap is also badass!


I have to admit, i would choose Justice for claptrap over jack. Not shadow claptrap thought… But how about that Claptraps worst fear mission tho, did the dlc again just for that one.


That mission was EMOTIONAL!

Baha finally gets to be with his wife again!

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Yeah that was soooooooooooooooo well done and well written. Hilarious yet so dark… When he was cowering in his chassis while the townsfolk chastised him make me so :frowning: He accidentally killed so many people because hes such a klutz :frowning: Its such a torn feeling. Accidental mass murder vs an innocent who just wants to help people and be friends. Mad yet Sad. AAAaaAAaa!

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Youre thinking of a different mission, but the part you’re referencing in Overlook was dark and awesome and sad as well!

Broccoli, i gotta ask you:

Doesnt wanting Justice for Clappy make you want Justice for Jack LESS?

AH! Yeah I have not done any side quests yet. I thought you guys were referencing Overlook yeah. No worries on slight spoiler, if it involves Baha omggggg!

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You just might cry!

It turns out, in a way his greatest fear can be considered not being able to ease the burden of others… so proud.


A whole lot. Jack shot claptrap who really just wanted to be accept and help others in their life

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Indeed, well said!

OMG the Baha thing… It was so :

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Every time I played BL2, I would always make sure to T-bag Jack. For Claptrap. Now I will double down (haaah) on the dosage.


Does that mean you’ll get rid of your tag?

Not until Jack isn’t one of my top 5 Characters… so far

1 Dr. Ted
2 Angel
3 Claptrap
4 Jack
5 Athena

TFTBL might move Jack up a little though, depending on what they make him do.

What’s upsetting is how Claptrap chose to protect his friends over everyone.

THEN, once it’s done, they laugh while Jack shoots him in the eye.

Sure, he’s annoying, but COME ON, YOU GUYS!

Oh well, at least I feel a little less bad about killing Nisha and A LOT LESS BAD about killing Wilhelm.

And a bit more sympathetic for Clappy.


I agree. I’ve always been more for Claptrap then against him. He’s comic relief in the purest sense, in a world populated with people constantly killing or being killed, he’s the one bumbling fool that seems to be unkillable no matter how inept he is. I’m not mandating that he be loved, just think about these events the next time you want to have a laugh at his expense.