Jythri/DeejayKnight Dev Stream Info


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Assists on Ambra will count too, if I heard correctly.

you did, thanks. Anyone: add details that I miss!

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That might get interesting when WF’s Flak gets Wound.

Thanks for posting that - would not have known about this otherwise. (Must be living in a large subterranean dwelling sealed off from all outside communications or something…)

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EDIT: Oh it’s back…

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND it’s gone again.

Edit: back up…

Oh, and to add to my previous post.

I damn hope it cannot stack when you use Scrap Bank. Would make WF’s specced into shield scrapper enemies to fear though.

Are streams always that erratic, or is it just a bad day on the internet? (Had quite a few connection issues in game myself earlier.)

So this is all stuff being discussed on the stream? That is awesome! :smiley:

Even though the streams are on PC, i love how i have no choice but to completely miss this event…

I did not think my bad jokes would end up here…

That’s all folks…g’night!

We avoid differences across modes…except with lore challenges on half of the cast, otherwise we LOVE them.

He was referring specifically to items. Having items function differently in different modes would be confusing.

Thanks, for the info. Man!

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“New missions shorter, twists on existing mission types.”

By this, do you mean that the DLC missions are expected to be shorter than the ones we have currently but in a similar raid/defense/escort style? Other than Heliophage, all of my clear times are under 30 min, some at 20 min. If they’re gonna be quicker than that, I feel I’m going to be a little disappointed.


I totally deserve a prize for guessing pretty much all of this, like a free season pass because I’m poor - Battleborn theory - The five remaining heroes and side quests

This is some good stuff! I like the wound skill toons will get. I just looked at my win rate when I play Miko, it was a bit ridiculous, round 90% maybe? I want to hear more about the new story missions though. Shorter may not be a bad thing, if each DLC had multiple levels to them. Did they ever say anything about how many missions might come with DLC? I like the story missions as they are, but would like to see at least 8 more unique level types. I think that would add to the longevity of solo play.

Each DLC will have one story mission, so we’re getting at least five more.