Jythri looking into Bot Replacements for drop outs

On the battleborn reddit jythri just said this


I am hoping if this happens it will put in a Monty bit when someone leaves.



No matter what

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As for the idea, I like it but with caveats:

  1. The bot replaces the player’s character who left. If a player hadn’t chosen a character, then a random character will be chosen depending on what the party lacks (healer, tank, attacker, etc.).
  2. Killing or assisting against the bots rewards no XP.
  3. Bot kills and assists don’t count towards the total kill count, nor do they count towards determining a tie-breaker.
  4. The bots gain the levels and helix choices of the leaver(s) as well as their gear. As with #1, if the leaver left before the match started, then the bot would get white gear appropriate for their class and will activate it as they gain the required number of shards.

Coming from various multi player game experiences, I always found BB lacking by not having a replacement option.

Surrender, Quit and/or leave will always be an option in such games. A replacement feature is a must.

Based on my single bots battle match, I noticed both Montana and Alani bots to be awesome. Replace players with those 2 and everyone will be happy.

I found kelvin bots to be formidable too

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They absolutely shouldn’t be worth XP if this happens. Nor should they be able to pick up shards. I’m not a fan of the idea (not until they’re taught how to play objective) but I know I’m in the minority as far as bots are concerned.

Well, perhaps this is hope that maybe improving the AI is a plan on the table?

The AI don’t have to be Turing tested geniuses, but they need to be better than the current aim bot guns strapped to rocks we have now. If they were brought up to a more acceptable level, this would kill two birds with one stone by giving more weight to bot battles as a teaching tool and opening up the possibility of bots replacing leavers. Win win!

Very few might understand but there is a fine line between passive bot and nightmare ai countering every move. If you have ever played bots on dota1 v7.0 Nightmare u would know the bots are ■■■■■■■ savage. So u could fill a game with a bot but what if it plays better than the team it’s filling. It’s a lot of time and patience but I’m not sure if bot ai as it stands could compete. Maybe on bots battle teams but who leaves bots battle… Just add a rank system so we stop queuing with noobs… I like teaching new players but farrrk it gets old fast… Like 3 games. Limit… Triggered.

Both Bot replacements and Rankings would go a long way toward fixing my ever-increasing disenchantment with BB since the Winter Update. More than half of my games now end either before they even start, due to players quitting in the draft phase, or have at least one quitter during the match. Since it takes me 5-10 minutes to even get a game started, this means I play about 1-2 full matches during any given 60 minute stretch.

At this stage, I don’t think most players would even care that the Bots are basically useless. At least we’d get to play a game! Even making the Bots automatically choose a healer and go full-support is better than trying to play a match with 3 active players until you can finally trigger a surrender. GBX can always use updates to improve the AI as the coding gets refined.


Im on Xbone so i dont suffer your issues with Matchmaking or even have so many quitters but when a quitter does happen i think just having that extra body to take some damage would count in a big way.

lets face it it couldnt unbalance the game more than having fewer players does.

you outright lose your ability to push in 90% of cases and the best you can hope for is holding your line. (we have all had the 4v5 amazing game when you pull it back and win but they are few and far between)

…They are.
The AI on many of the bots is on par with real players.
Shane, Kelvin, Montana, Phoebe, Whiskey, Mike, Reyna and Mellka all shine.

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I’m not sure I support the idea. Don’t get me wrong, the bots are better than I expected but I would rather be a player short than have dead weight in some scenarios. Not giving the other team xp could be one way to approach it.

Have other options been considered? Maybe it seems too obvious but even something simple like being one player down means your minions are 20% stronger? (-20% in players, +20% in minions).

I know it doesn’t make up for it but then there are SOME positives to having less players, namely less xp for the other team.

…really? The Mellka bot is one of the absolute worst. And they’re all terrible.


Reyna is not better than melka… But alani, her accuracy is deadly + self heal + geyser placement.

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Personally I think we will only know how it goes if it’s switch on.
Maybe a voting system like surrender to bring a bot in if you go a man down

…Do not agree with that at all.

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Each to their own. I’ve taken my Mellka into to the public bot battle just once. It was Echelon, I went 16-0, and the match was over in less than 10 minutes. That included three of the bots you mentioned: Montana, Alani, and Reyna. They could not kill me, they could not defend the objective, and I just farmed them as if they were buildables.

I also met the Mellka bot when I queued with my gf. It was Monuments, and by the end of it, I had 21 kills with Marquis. I took out the Mellka bot repeatedly with head shots because she just waddles around with that laughable sprint speed of hers. She tried to engage with Claw Lunge, and she took Frag Canister. It made me sad.

I’m not objecting to the mode existing. I know stats are meaningless to others. I like mine as a measure of my own progress, so on the rare times I have reason to go in (my GF likes to play it sometimes), I use a character I’m not attached to. I am, however, adamant that the bots are terrible.

The only time they’re genuinely dangerous is in Capture if you let them gang up on you, because of course they are.

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I totally get you I played bots battle the other day to get my brother to give the game another chance (he still doesn’t know he was playing against bots).

he came away with 19 kills.

the bots cant play, but if they gave no XP and if they were opt in replacements then they are just another body to absorb some fire and give some damage to waves and I cant say how much that would help when a player down.

I was in a Meltdown Bots Battle on the weekend when three of the other five players abruptly left part way through. It was not pretty. Some of the AI are quite aggressive especially - as noted above - Montana.

I had a match last night against 2 Ghalts and we were having some real trouble getting past them. Ghalt AI is insane and just keeps shooting you no matter how far away you are.