Kadesh frigates

I have 3 Kadesh frigates that I’ve never done anything with. They’re a little larger than the original Multibeam and slightly more streamline. They were originally made for HW2 before I knew how to import into a HOD. They all require mad animations. They have team and stripe areas.

Is anyone interested in using them in a Kadesh mod? If not I’ll just put them back in the closet.





Awesome ships! Check your PM :slight_smile:

Nicely done. I am sure someone will have use for them.

Hi Stress. How’s it shakin? I heard about you’re new mod project. I hope we can collaborate. It sounds like we might be able to work to our mutual benefit.

I found another one. It was hiding in another layer. It was originally designed to be a field frigate but it can also be a gravwell generator. The wings on this one are bigger to accommodate the field generators. No animation for this one.

These models are modular in design. They all use the same basic hull shape as per Homeworld 1 design specs.
[Field Frigate / Gravity Well]