Kadeshi advanced swarmer is so damn good

was it not one of the best remastered ships in the game?

look at how the bottom half connects the top half. how it’s flush and smooth, like molding:

brilliant move to smooth the gun chamber as well. a lesser artist would have transferred the “box” over:


Yep the artists did a great job interpreting the original models.

Agreed 110% on the models. They’re precisely what my brain pictured years ago, and it’s amazing to watch them in action.

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would have been great if they let this artist work on the cloaking fighter as well. i bet he did the kushan carrier. another fantastic reimagining.

The models are amazing. The Taiidan cruiser is especially beautiful.

The Kushan Avatar Class Heavy Cruiser looks also great.

My favorite has to be the Kushan Defender. The way the guns fold out of the ship and all that dakka!!

I have yet to catch one unfolding, - despite having 20 in the fleet, something to look forward to.

A shame that they appear to be impossible to capture at the moment. Remember them being a mainstay of my old HW1 play troughs. Bit odd that the fuel pods are being treated as fighters instead of small frigates.

from the icon they’re using for them I think the fuel pods are considered probes of some kind and I haven’t had any problems capturing them.

Also they feel a lot smaller than what I remember. were they always that small?

Capturing the fuel pods is just fine, it’s the swarmers that are uncapturable. And yes the fuel pods are about half the size they used to be. Again see “Went from a frigate to corvette/fighter size”