Kadeshi, and Turanic Raiders still bugged after patch

On second play through of HW1-Re campaign after the patch (BTW Thank you for fixing the weapon sounds!!).

Garden of Kadesh again is Super Easy! Not much of anything attacks you except for the primary wave of swarmer’s. Pretty much if you attack the Kadeshi MS the ship will hyperspace, and the mission is completed. This happens both the first time you make the Kadeshi MS hyperspace, and after you fail to hyperspace yourself, and attack the Kadeshi MS again.

In Cathedral of Kadesh it is a rinse, and repeat. Just attack one Kadeshi MS, and ALL 3 will retreat into hyperspace to the Khar Toba wreck. The Kadeshi MS’s are invulnerable until the cutscene where you discover the Khar Toba wreck. Very few Ion beam frigates spawn, and not much of anything attacks you except for a wave or two of swarmer’s. Which are easily dispatched. Kadeshi MS at least fired its ion beams, and PDS weapons this time, but it just sits there, and does not move.

Same issue with the Turanic Raider MS. In Classic HW, The Turanic MS charges at your MS with Ions blazing with ion array frigs escorting it. In RE the Turanic MS stays in one spot the entire mission. Again at least this play through its firing its PDS weapons, but i didnt see it firing any Ion Beams.

If dynamic difficulty is enabled which i am assuming it is, because the 1st wave of Ion Arrays i counted at least 9 of them attacking me (i had a full frigate line, and damn near 1/2 strike craft cap). Then when i retaliate against the Taiidan in the next mission they have 4 destroyers, and a ridiculous amount of frigates. However it seems dynamic difficulty is broken in the Kadeshi missions, because in both play throughs the Kadeshi spawn the same thing… nothing but 1, or 2 waves of swarmers, and fuel pods. I would have expected at least an Ion Beam or 2 in the 1st part of the garden missions.

If this was not fixed in the patch then NM (I didnt see anything AI related mentioned in the patch notes), If it was then i am just making you aware the Kadeshi, and Turanics are still broken.

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Yeah, the dynamic difficulty reinforcement files are broken for both kadesh missions. 7 has multi-beam and advanced swarmer reinforcements that shouldn’t be there and don’t spawn, while 8, strangely, has nothing but taii frigate reinforcements which, unsurprisingly, also don’t spawn. I’ve got a mod out on the workshop, HW1 campaign fix, that corrects this behavior.

I once got 28 multi beams to spawn in mission 7. I still have the save game.

Interesting… I cheated in RU’s, and maxed out my fleets before the garden missions. No Joy. Still the same spawn patterns, and borked AI.

I ain’t bugged



Didn’t you read the patch notes?? The first patch adressed only crashes mostly (sound pee pew aside). Guess the actual game play changes will arrive in patch2, patch3…

You guys really need to understand the concept of developing… Rome itself wasn’t build in 1 day…

Don’t tell that to the Romans. I hear they claim it was built in an hour, with nothing more than a twig and a flat rock.

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“Now, watch out! Here comes Genesis! We’ll do it for you in six minutes!” :wink:

(That sounds like conditions for a Citizen/Worker building a city in a game like Rise of Nations or Age of Empires, by the way)

Everyone is a comedian…

I wasn’t sure what was fixed in the “various issues” in the patch notes. OK so the Kadeshi wasn’t fixed.

Now i can hear the ballad to the Brave Sir Robin playing as the needle ships sit by the Khar Toba

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Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about

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