Kadeshi Motherships

They’re literally made of paper. Takes about two and a half seconds for me to kill one.

I think the general concensus is that the Kadeshi need about a 300% buff in armour, aggressive behaviour, ship numbers, and firepower, as well as the inclusion of ramming.


They also don’t use their Ion Cannons, meaning a simple fleet of frigates was able to get me through the mission!

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At this stage I would just settle for some improvement in strike craft and corvette behaviour/AI when engaged.

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I attacked a Vaygr Battlecruiser with a Heavy Cruiser + Destroyer, the HC with full health and the D with half, and the BC destroyed both with ~ 10% HP left.

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Might I also suggest a buff to the Turanic Raider ion array frigate firepower? During mission four, all six array frigates pounding on your mothership dealt no damage to it because they’re 60% weaker than a standard ion frigate.


The Kadeshi and the Turanic Raiders both need serious buffs. The Kadeshi motherships are a joke without their ramming ability, and the Turanic Raiders couldn’t kill anything with their crippled Ion Array Frigates.

The Kadeshi MS doesnt have Ion Cannons. The Turanic Carrier does.

Kadeshi MS only has point defense weapons, but it “should” have a ramming ability. Which it does not use in RE. The Kadeshi AI is borked, and GB is well aware of this. These ships may seem weak because the AI doesnt use the Kadeshi, or Turanic MS’s correctly.

The needle ship did have an ion cannon. It fired from the center of the main disk.

They did, it fired a dual ion cannon from the center circle of it’s outer hull.

To be honest, alot of the AI seems to be a bit defunct.

Assault frigates are basically useless, as they are using flak frigate AI. Flak frigates have rotating turrets, assault frigates need to be roughly facing their target, so quite often an assault frigate can’t actually shoot anything because it doesn’t try and move based on it’s target location.

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The HW1 needleship did indeed have a pair of ion cannons… and they had the longest range of any ion cannon in the game (10976)- compare with the Bentusi tradeship (9000), the Turanic carrier (7714 and 7649- yeah, its two beams had different ranges), the ion array frigate (7482), and the kushan ion cannon frigate (7280). The needleships usually didn’t use their ion cannons because they had trouble bringing them to bear (not surprising given the length of the ship)… and usually ran into their intended target before they could fire on it. They were about 2/3 as fast as the Turanic Carrier, had two more point-defense guns (12 instead of 10), and about 20% more health… but the same turning ability (which is part of why they whipped around so quickly and rammed stuff- they turned too fast for their size). The ramming behavior, though canonical, was actually due to flaws in the ship’s design and behavior- not only did it turn too fast, it also sometimes tried to center targets between its point-defense guns (with predictable results).

Seriously, HW1 AI needs porting accross. It’s not like it hasnt been done before.