Kagedo/loving-hatred's write up on Kleese

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This Is Still A Work In Progress
I’ve only completed the gear I currently use for Kleese, not other gear I’ve tried. As well as NUMEROUS other things I’m working on including(screenshots of the points of interest, video of how to line up your mortars on a sentry for best effect). If you wish a specific section expanded before then(or a specific question) ask me before and I’ll try to write it up for you
Kagedo/loving-hatred’s Kleese guide

Okay I’m writing this after trying some new things and a few people having asked my opinion on kleese. I’ll be covering more than just helixes and gear though, I’ll be discussing character interactions, Points of interest on various maps.

Gear: okay gear on Kleese is rather simple, but I’ll list 3 loadouts I’ve become partial to

Hammer of the gods

This is the typical Kleese loadout in various forms essentially you stack skill damage and shield strength.

My loadout has 2 legendaries due to me lacking an epic skill damage with shield strength.
First item is a flawed shard Gen

Then the co-opetition inducer(if you’re opposed to using legendaries please see the shield from the “rolling in shards” loadout)

And finally shield web interdictor(if you have an epic skill damage with shield strength by all means use it instead)

Rolling in shards

This loadout is built around generating shards so you can build all the buildables, level as quickly as possible. It’s especially useful on meltdown or faceoff

The shard gen can ideally either be this:IMG_1842


Or this if you’re willing to use a legendary:

The other two items for this style of loadout are always




Name Pending

I’ll fill in a name here if one occurs to me or if someone suggests one I like

This is all about cooldown reduction. I originally built this loadout for derping as deande and decided to give it a shot as Kleese

Now first item



Helix choices:

LEVEL 1: shocking twist V shocking pulse

Shocking twist:not a bad choice if you have an isic, ghalt, phoebe, or Shayne on your team and they take the helixes for shield strength otherwise you’re not going to get much out of this

Shocking pulse: take this when you don’t take shocking twist by default

Level 2: overloaded mortars V shiftless shells

Overloaded mortars: turn all of your shield into mortar damage, amazing helix

Shiftless shells: no, never take this. You can kill the enemies with overloaded mortars very easily that you’d otherwise just be slowing for someone else to kill

Level 3: chair slam V quantum precision V don’t tase me bro

Chair slam: meh, gimmick play only

Quantum precision: good for sniper Kleese if you wish, but I personally don’t enjoy it

Don’t tase me bro: getting to tase 2 targets at once is really useful and this is my default choice

Level 4 rift network V unstable rifts
Rift network is the ONLY choice here

At level four a single rift deals 103 damage per tick, at triple power that’s 309 damage that doesn’t rely on destroying your source of shields

After level 6 if you take bulk savings you can end up with 16 times effectiveness

Level 5: Don’t call it a heal chair V extended batteries V get ready for a surprise

DCIAHC: my default choice, any other healer on your team can appreciate having another source of healing on the field for your team and allies can retreat to your rifts to heal up as well

Extended batteries: I only take this in solo story runs honestly

GRFAS: gimmicky builds only please

Level 6: bulk savings V rift farm V expanded mortars

Bulk savings: my default choice because quadruple rift

Rift farm: I take this when stacking cooldown to be able to build up a rift network in contested territory more easily

Expanded mortars: it’s a trap, it won’t help your damage any because overloaded mortars divides your current shield by the number of mortars.

Level 7: geezer pleaser V bouncing balls V tampered mortars

For this level, if you don’t have the mutation unlocked then I’d recommend geezer pleaser, if you do have bouncing balls then you’re now a true artillery station.

Level 8: brains before brawn V brawn before brains

More shield means more mortar damage, the taser is only good when enemies are up close while the shield damage is a nuke up close and at range

Level 9: healthy rift V quick pulse

Healthy rift won’t actually help you keep your rifts alive if your enemies are focusing them so take the quick pulse

Level 10: Sharing is caring V insta-hole V Square root of pain

Anything but square root of pain, you don’t want your rifts being destroyed

Kleese's Role

The way I’ve played Kleese has tended to be less of a support in the way most people think of the term. I play Kleese as a “fortification/fire support” meaning I build up my rifts and operate from there. Come out and attack enemies. Use your mortars to suppress the lane and split their attention. If your team is doing their jobs then the enemy team will have trouble focusing on you. And if you’re doing your job then the enemy should be having trouble focusing on your allies.

Most supports have a “rescue” capability, Kleese lacks this except for certain characters(ISIC, GHALT, PHOEBE AND S&A) so don’t chase damaged allies like a miko, Alani, Reyna, or KU. They come to you and your rifts keep their shield up while your heal chair either tops them off while they’re able to fire on the lane or they teleport back.

Character interactions

Character interactions to note, I’ll list the ones I mainly think of as a problem but feel free to ask me to expand this area with more specifics

Ghalt: ghalt is loved on your team and hated on the enemy team. He can pull enemies into your rifts to die, or pull you from your rifts to die.

Whiskey: whiskey is a nightmare as Kleese. He will shoot your rifts whenever possible, gain a damage boost and shoot you after.

Boldur: boldur is my favorite target for massive mortar strikes. If he comes for you he’ll need a lot of healing after you hit level 4

Isic: ISIC is a nice target for a mortar strike but his plasma dash lets him attack from odd directions since aware of him.

Caldarius: on an enemy team I hate seeing caldarius. They’re a pain to hit and always seem to have incredible accuracy

Mellka: she isn’t much of a threat, but she’s also not to be taken lightly either. If she tries to spike your rifts and gets caught at the wrong moment she will die.

Toby: Toby is an odd one as Kleese, both a pain and an easy kill at once , if you get the drop on him an overloaded mortar strike will make him bug out fast. But if he gets the drop you’re going to face heavy fire.

Marquis: a good marquis is a nightmare. But you can adapt to them normally

Points of interest

I’m going to break down points of interest most in depth for the incursion maps because they’re far less dynamic than the other maps. But I’ll happily expand this if anyone wants specific tips for a map.


Overgrowth points to note for setting up:

On overgrowth your first offensive point of interest is the snipers perch. You can mortar the choke, the enemies bunker entrance as well as most of the snipers perch. Your position won’t be completely exposed and if someone manages to push past your team they’ll have to contend with both the shock turret and you

Next point of interest issue pillar in the middle by the shock turret, this pillar is wide enough you can build your rifts and for the most the enemy will have a difficult time getting at them.

Third point of interest is the enemy choke, namely the wall right next to it(how you enter their bunker) you can build your rifts further back where they support your allies and then move to the bunker to mortar strike the sentry at need.

Fourth point is the ledges by double thrall, you can fly up to the enemy side to back door. OR if you hit level 7 you can shoot from your ledge, bounce the mortars of the wall and hit the sentry.

Fifth point is for when the first sentry is down, to push the enemy team back you can set up in their sniper perch and control the lane from by their accelerator with your mortars.

The only “defensive” point of interest I’ll list for this is setting up by the supply station between your first and second sentries. If you’re being focused and need to heal fire your mortars from up there to keep the wave from breaking through

There are others, but these will give you a good idea of what you’re looking for in a location



First point: the stairs by your thrall that the enemy can use to back door. This position is wonderful because it gives you a nice open shot at the minion wave even if your enemies push you back. And if you’re feeling sneaky you can build your rifts in the lane so you can “fight in two places at once” this is a gamble but I have had glorious moments where enemies have died by being pushed into my rifts. One other point is that you can actually hit enemies without line of sight by using the arc of your mortar. But that does take practice

Second point: overlook by your giant shard(up the stairs). This position gives a nice sightline for fights in the lane that may be unavailable from the other point.

Third point: enemy back door, this point is my favorite to hold because I can snipe with my mortars from such extreme range so long as my target is highlighted(ping can suffice) and when the enemy team finally starts losing to the pressure you can go back door to end things

Defensively: honestly you’re going to have trouble trying to turtle on monuments due to how many angles of approach there are.

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@lucasatlive here’s what I’ve written so far

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Very well written and interesting! I like how you included good places for Kleese to set up. Too many times I see low levels trying to set up on the front line.

I think this guide will help a lot of newer players with Kleese. I should expect to see a lot more geezers running around. Though from now on, when I get suddenly deleted from existence, I know who to blame :wink:

One thing is wish you could expand on is the rift network. I had no idea it worked like that, so this is all new information to me. Could you please explain how the effectiveness stacks like that and why?

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #6

It stacks like that because it only “counts” the rifts when you place it. So continuously cycling your rifts is always in your best interest because your(potentially damaged) rifts will be replaced by new ones and if you haven’t hit the cap yet

But to reiterate. The rifts don’t update after they’re place so if you have a network of all quadruple powered rifts and 3 get destroyed you have a single quadruple powered rift and then the next rift you place by it will be double powered

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You should use a flawed Jennerit cooldown instead.

This isn’t how it works. Your rifts will update their damage/healing when an additional one is placed. So it will go 1 then 2-2 then 3-3-3.

This is kind of misleading. It’s sorta like saying Kleese is only expected to have one Rift, when in reality he has access to all 4 already. Rift Network only multiplies the effectiveness by 4, just like it says. (I say this just because people are trigger happy for nerfs)

(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #8

When compared to a single rift though it is 16 times effectiveness.

I’ll admit it’s been a while since I tested this but this wasn’t how they worked when I tested it previously
Edit: after testing you are correct so I edited it

I don’t have one so I use what I have

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Lovely! Amazing job!!

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Why. Gearbox. Why did you name these helices like this.