Kaleidodemon's Imaginarium

I’ve decided to finally get around to creating my usual idea thread in the new forums. This will be the third incarnation of this thread. This is for me to share my ideas and get feedback from the community. Constructive criticism only please. If you have nothing constructive to add then please don’t post here at all. Also, this is for my ideas and feedback so please refrain from posting your own ideas here and instead create your own thread. You can link to your thread if it is relevant (such as showing me how you did something when discussing how I did something and how your method may be a better approach, and so on), and quote small bits if they are relevant to the discussion.

I’m going to start off by posting my idea for the Tower Defense mode that I am hoping that Gearbox will add to Battleborn. I’m just going to copy and paste the idea from another thread here:

For the Tower Defense mode I was thinking of Co-op and Versus modes. In Co-op it is your team of five against set waves (or Endless/Unlimited Waves if you set that as a variable - like Hardcore mode) where you construct towers to defend against each wave. In versus it is 2 teams of 5 each fighting to defend against the other teams waves of minions while trying to push their own. The towers will be necessary. Without them there are too many minions to fight. You do need to fight some minions to get the currency needed to build the towers (most likely shards) but it is impossible to fight off all the minions without the towers. The better you do against the minions though the better towers you can afford to build.

Tower ideas? Different projectile types. Single target projectiles. Single target projectiles (or energy beams) that chain to other targets. Single target projectiles that branch out/split to multiple targets. Projectiles that cause AoE damage upon impact. Towers cause damage or create an effect in an area around them (PBAoE).

Different firing modes. Single shot. Burst fire. Full auto fire. Sustained beam.

Different ranges. Sniping range. Long range. Mid range. Short range. ‘Melee’ range.

Different damage types and/or effects. Damage. DoT. Slow. Stun. Knockup. Push. Blind. Root. Pull. Extra damage to shields. Extra damage to health. Shield piercing.

Shielded towers. Minion spawners (x type). Minions spawners (mixed type). Minion spawners (elite type). Hero spawner (AI/bot Battleborn with skin that makes them look like a robotic/Minion Corp version of the original - skin unlockable for players in game through x challenge).

Everyone starts with several tower types they can build (perhaps 5 types of towers out of 10 or 15 available starter towers randomized for each player). More kinds of towers can be built as blueprints are found. Loadouts can be created and selected before each match. More powerful towers will cost more shards to build.

Amidst the level there will also be the standard buildables such as the turrets, supply depots, accelerators, and drone spawning points.

The objective is to survive until you have passed every wave in the standard game mode (or as long as you can in the endless wave mode).


Just making a note of things I want to flesh out later. Another copy and paste from another thread.

I want to see a full wave mode/horde mode. I want to see a full tower defense mode. I want to see a flood mode (like wave defense but rather than waves they just keep coming, no break in between). I want to see a tug-of-war mode where both teams start with 500 points and try to take the other teams points until they have 1000. I want to see a lot of things.

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Here’s another idea I shared elsewhere:

What do you guys think of super turrets that you don’t build (they’re always there, part of the map itself - maybe some team aligned and maybe some nuetral) that you charge by feeding them shards (like the shard repository on The Archive that activates Chronicle as opposed to the repository on Face-Off)? Fill it with as many shards as you want and it remains active until it runs out of ammo.

If you haven’t guessed it was another idea for Battleborn.