Kamikaze attacks confirmed to be in

Sorry if its known already but i havent seen it confirmed myself and as some may know i find alot of stuff quickly usually.

Anyhow a new vid on utube has shown up some interesting things.

How formations have changed slightly by doing a side by side view of x formation, a new resourcer collectors beam (other topic for that) and now kamikaze is showing in his vid so its confirmed.

Video here, use utubes slow playback feature to see it as he goes through it quickly and u could miss it.

Wonder how mp will be with this on for hw1 races but not 2 as they didnt have it unless they have let them have it now.


Thanks for posting this - it’s good to see these things show up! It only deepens my excitement =]]

Oh yeah!!! :blush:
Nice to see that, i used to kami a lot, so usefull

Also, the dude said that there’s no time compression option - not sure if it has been confirmed before.

The funny thing about that is that is was used in the pax ign video, they defo speed things up during the “boring” bits someone said at the time.

So either the code is in and works but they will disable it for the public builds or erm or… Yeah so the code was done its in so why cant we have it again? Maybe the code will just be disabled and a mod can enable it???

Obviously i hope its coded for sp only.

I suspect that replays will have a speed up, slow down option.

Yeah but end of level harvesting is gona be boring and even tho i never did it i bet alot of ppl want it to salvage all them ion frigs on one of the later levels of hw1, forgot name of lvl sry.

It was boring in classic HW as well. BTW the level with all of the Ion’s is called “Bridge of Sighs”, and i usually have a whole army of salvagers ready for that one :wink:

Good god that video is laggy, and choppy. I do hope HW-RE doesnt play like that in my system. 1st thing i am disabling is that damn motion blur.

Aliluya, thanks for the report/

It’s not. It’s even in 60fps.

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It had frame skipping in 60fps mode on utube for me it seemed it was the game not the encoding.

I found another video

This one is nice, and smooth, BUT,… The guy playing obviously has never played HW before. It was almost painful to watch. He didn’t use tactics. He didn’t use formations. He damn near got his @$$ kicked.

I am impressed with the over all quality, but i am disappointed that the unit response voices were from HW2 instead of Classic HW. Still that is a minor nit pick.

Perhaps someone did not pay attention.
Now we have good rays of collection of resources!
In the early video-examples this was not.
Now harvesting looks really very good.

The harvesting issue is no big deal for me. It does indeed look like fuel is not present. So this will make things interesting (Especially in the Garden). I wonder if anything was done to compensate for that.

I also noticed that the Mothership did not fire one single point defense gun (in ether video)… Does it even have PDS in remastered?

Now that you mention it, I don’t recall the original mothership ever firing a weapon. I know in HW2 there were point-defence guns on the mothership, carrier, etc.

Ms in hw1 had guns, btw they used to cause some knockback

So, replays confirmed?

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No, Half Life 3 confirmed


In HW1 the Motherships, and Carriers did have PDS, and they were used quite often. They weren’t very effective, but they did work. HW2 is where the PDS often failed to function, and fighters/bombers would buzz around the Mothership, but the Mothership would just sit there, and do nothing. It looks like that problem still exists in the remastered engine.

This video is a week old and shows an older build. Look at the icons on bottom right for example.

Unit voices were most likely bugged in this one. Karen saying “Interceptor squadron complete” shouldn’t happen in HW1.