Kamikaze for Vaygr Assault Craft is BEYOND BROKEN

Four assault craft squadrons kamikaze’d into a mothership kills it.


BRB testing this.
Confirmed. Four squads will do it.

ahahaha, this is both hysterical and horrible all at once. What the hell.
I’ll post the video after it uploads. Ohhh man.


Two to kill a carrier.

Two HW1 scouts will kill a resource collector. I’d guess that it scales about the same has it does for Hiig/Vaygr.

I tried it with gobs of scouts and intis from the HW1 races but the damage was no where near as high.

Here is a video showing the issue of AC kamikaze

It’s probably something like each individual fighter in a squadron is doing the same amount of damage as an individual HW1 fighter.

LOL 6 squads GG

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Just confirmed interceptors don’t have this issue. So far seems like Assault craft are the only problematic craft, but res cols, all corvs, and all fighters can kamikaze and no comprehensive testing has been done so there could still be other ships with ridiculously high kamikaze damage.

working as intended. assault craft are shaped like knifes for a reason. cut right through the hull and explode within!


That’s still way too powerful for any kind of MP action. Just build four squads and you auto-win?? Yeah, no thanks. Might be fun once or twice, but it’ll get old real fast.

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Lolll. There is really a lot that I hope gets fixed quickly.

Glad I didn’t preorder. :confused: I want to buy it once things get fixed.

Commenting in this thread for visibility. This is a serious and game-breaking issue.

I’d really like to get a comment from a Dev, QA or PR person sometime on Monday letting us know you’re aware of the issue.

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Now I am kind of glade that the Vagyr AI opponents have not used kamikaze.

In a 2v2 game you need 8 squads of Assaault crafts to take out 2 motherships, and 2 carriers. This will leave you with at least 2 gimped squads.

I just had to try it out, but yeah. I really hope it gets fixed quickly.

that is really scary, i hope players are not trying to use this in game.

One guy did that to me today. Took him about 7 mins to kill 3 other player in FFA 4 Player match. Stupid bug.

Just had this happen to me, it was pretty lame…

This is just stupid…Wow…