Kamikaze needs some reworking to be "balanced" and not just cheese

So right now Kamikaze are still quite strong, which is okay-ish.
It certainly shouldn’t be so weak that you’re simply wasting ships. They should be for making the best out of no situation.

So I’m not saying their damage should simply be nerfed. Then they wouldn’t be worth the resources.
Basically now I think it takes around 30 scouts to kill a carrier? That’s 2700RU. So that almost sounds fair, except obviously carriers are later tech and there are production modules to replace.

Instead, they need some strategy to when it’s good and when it’s not.

They could work something like this:
Kamikaze damage reduce is reduced by the difference of the targets current hp and max HP.
IE, if a ship is at full hp, it takes 100% kamikaze damage.
If it’s at 75%, it takes 75%.
If it only has 5% hp left, then it only takes 5%.

Effectively, large hp ships wouldn’t be destroyable by kamikaze from low mass units. You could cost effectively get them down to maybe half, but need something else to finish them off.

Then there would be break points for other ships, where you can kill them with certain kamikazes. Like, if something is hit at 10% hp by the kamikaze damage would have been 10 times as much to kill it. So collectors will still be killable by scout kamikaze, it’ll just take more.

Of course, if your opponent comes at you with 30 scouts, and you intercept with ‘interceptors’ and gunships = there won’t be 30 scouts hitting your carrier. Some will get through, of course. But they will need to send out a lot more.

Also, while you are whittling down their numbers, what happens if you jump your carrier out before they reach you? Or if you cloak it before they reach you? All those lost scouts will be for nothing!

Kamikaze is fine as is!

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Um… That’s not at all true.

Scouts can be built at no requirement. Corvs need research first, so you might have like 4 squads of them out (assuming you know the kamikaze is coming)

Intercepters, due to ■■■■■■ AI, might kill 5 of them.
The gunships, not much more. It takes 2 hits to kill a scout since they do 42 damage and scouts have 50 hp. And they only have a like 13% chance or so to hit, and only fire once every 3 seconds. It doesn’t take but about 3 seconds from when they appear to hit your carrier, soooooo yeah.

May sound good in theory, but I don’t believe you’ve actually gone against someone that pumped out 30 scouts in the first 2 minutes and kamikaze’d you.

May sound good in theory, but I don’t believe you’ve actually gone
against someone that pumped out 30 scouts in the first 2 minutes and
kamikaze’d you.

I’m guilty of trying that as hiigaran. It’s useless, the other guy just started repairing his carrier and no matter how many i threw at it, it wouldn’t die (i had 14 squadrons ramming into it at once, didn’t kill it). Kamikaze seems fine as it is, perhaps resourcers should get somekind of defense against them to avoid cheese.

Ah well 14 scout squads is more expensive. That’s 4900 RU.
Interesting that it takes more than 4900 RU of Higgaran scouts but only about 2700 RU of HW scouts.

In your case, that would go to show that Hiigaran scouts kamikaze needs more damage, but that it still should be less… static.

It’s also rather silly that repairs and squad resupplies are free.

Short question, is kamikaze working for kishan I tried a few times, they don’t obey the command

There might be some kamikaze reworking needed, but I personally don’t particularly like this solution. I like to know my units will do a certain amount of damage if they kamikaze, and then be balanced from there. Trying to estimate based on percentage adds unnecessary complexity to it. Damage is damage, and health is health. Damage depletes health, and is not based upon percentage of health.

But if we were going to make it percentage-based or similar (like X damage at green health, Y damage at yellow health, and Z damage at red health – this would at least be more reliable for estimating the damage), then I’d rather it be the other way around (damaged takes more damage, not as damaged takes less). Not only is it more realistic, but it makes kamikaze more of a timing decision compared to “let’s kamikaze right off the bat.” It also allows more time to kill the fighters, helping to combat cheese scenarios.

Repairs I can understand. It adds tactical potential in the form of choosing to dock damaged fighters, keep them in combat, or kamikaze them. I don’t think you should be punished for making that decision or for making support frigates, etc.

Free squad resupplies do seem pretty silly, though.

You would know how much they’d do: the damage multiplied by the percentage of their hp. That’s a super simple equation.

Much simpler than all the hidden damage multipliers.

I think it’ll be very difficult to find a flat number that feels like the cost you spend kamikazeing vs collectors is fine, and is fine vs carriers, but isn’t so low that it’s not ever worth doing.

This way, it can be a reasonably high amount to hurt something or to make use of a few units that are otherwise not useful, but not so high that it’s such an easy and cost efficient way to kill things.

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