Kaneda the Cybernetic Enforcer (Explosive + Cryo) Level 70 build

This is one of my favourite build on Wilhelm the Enforcer (an amazing and underrated character, my second favourite Vault Hunter of all time), that revolves around Critical Damage, Explosive Damage and Kill Skills.
As the name may suggest, the main weapon of this build is Kaneda’s Laser, which is the Legendary Tediore Rocket Launcher that came out with the Claptastic Voyage DLC. It may be one of (if not) the most powerful rocket launchers in the game, and it is capable of scoring critical hits (as well as having splash damage, a quick reload and a near perfect accuracy).
This weapon synergizes perfectly with the Cryo element that increases the damage that enemies take from Explosive Damage and Critical Damage, and it is great with Wilhelm since he can boost it.

First, here are the recommended skills :

  • Targeting Scope 11/5 : a Kill Skill that increases both Accuracy and Critical Hit Damage, when you have 11/5 you get +110% Critical Hit Damage and +55% Accuracy, which is great since you want to score those crits. This is a really powerful skill, don’t skip it ;

  • Power Fist 1/1 : Wilhelm’s special Melee ability, you have a Badass mechanical fist that deals Explosive Damage and can score Critical Hits. You can wipe out a Badass enemy with this skill, it has a pretty awesome range, and it can be a true lifesaver in some situations ;

  • Laser Guided 1/1 : an action skill upgrade and a pretty high DPS upgrade as well. Basically if you press F, then Wolf will focus on this enemy and you’ll get +25% Damage on a marked enemy. Also, it’ll extend Wolf and Saint’s duration if you need it longer ;

  • Escalation 5/5 : a skill that recharges your Action Skill faster, really useful if you only use Wolf & Saint for the Overcharge Ability to get some rocket ammo back and wipe out enemies ;

  • Overcharge 1/1 : a BIG, REALLY BIG upgrade for Wilhelm, basically you become unstoppable with it, and you can waste a lot of enemies with a lot of weapons with this skill. It comes handy in this build because it gives you Ammo Regeneration, and since a lot of weapons like the Laser Disker consume a lot of ammo, it is pretty awesome.

The rest of the skills are up to you.

My build here : http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/050515000515005151500150501500501/siehowitzer,auto

Gameplay : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhciI07gkYI&feature=youtu.be

Second, here are the recommended weapons for this build, you can use something else, but here are the most effective imo :


  • Kaneda’s Laser : obviously, here it is, the main weapon of this build ;

  • Laser Disker : a Legendary Tediore Laser, with awesome base damage. It is great on Wilhelm since you have both Overcharge and Laser Focus that can massively help this weapon. Unfortunately, it is incapable of scoring a Critical Hit, but its high base Damage makes up for that ;

  • IVF : Wilhelm’s Raid Smasher. It is a great Tediore reloading weapon, use if if you need a backup weapon in case you either run out of ammo or just want to use something else. With Laser Guided and the Fridgia/Excalibastard, it becomes lethal ;

  • Torgue Weapons : obviously, Torgue weapons are great Explosive weapons. You have awesome guns like the Flakker, the Torguemada, the 88 Fragnum, the Ravager or even the Spitter. If i would recommend you one, I’d say the Flakker since it’s one of my absolute favourite guns in both BL2 and TPS, but you can use the 88 Fragnum as well at point blank with Targeting Scope. They are awesome, use them ;

  • Omni-Cannon : the Cobra on steroids, it is a decent Sniper Rifle that works well with this build. It is fun and powerful : get it !


  • Excalibastard : the Secret Hyperion Legendary Laser that comes with a 100% chance of freezing an enemy when you score a Critical Hit on it. It’s a great weapon on Wilhelm since you have both Laser Forcus and Targeting Scope that boosts it if you want to rely on it. ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH TO PICK IT UP ??? ;

  • Fridgia : a Unique Dahl SMG that is pretty awesome for freezing enemies and dealing a good amount of Damage, it is a really versatile and polyvalent weapon overall ;

  • Absolute Zero : the Legendary Maliwan Laser. It is an awesome Cryo laser with Laser Focus, and it can waste Iwajira within SECONDS, if you have Kill Skills and Overcharge up. Use it, it is awesome.

  • Longnail : the Legendary Vladof Sniper Rifle. It is an insanely powerful weapon that passes through Shields, making it great to freeze everything. It reaches insane levels with Targeting Scope, use it if you like snipers.

  • The Machine : a Unique Vladof Sniper Rifle. Nothing else to say, it’s the best Sniper Rifle imo. Just use it if you love snipers.

  • Fatale/Cheat Code : a Legendary Hyperion SMG, great with Targeting Scope and Overcharge. It has insane DPS and it is laser-like accurate. It is one of the best Cryo weapons in this game.


  • Miss Moxxi’s Vibra Pulse : the Jack of All Trades that also heals you, throw it in your gear if you want some extra healing and Shield stripping capabilities.

Third, here are the items recommended for this build :


  • Naught : basically my favourite Shield of all time. It is an awesome Shield for survivability and just trigger Emergency Response multiple times, it also works well with Energize and Heatsinks, making this Shield unstoppable.

  • Adaptive Shields : they are great with Wilhelm since they can trigger Emergency Response multiple times, they recharge pretty fast and they give a ton of health that is even more boosted by Wilhelm’s skills. Obviously, the Haymaker and the Reogenerator are great, but you can use a regular Purple Adaptive Shield if you want. They are great and definitely recommended.

  • Shield of Ages : a Unique Turtle Shield. Basically : if you want to turn Wilhelm into a Juggernaut, USE IT. It is awesome since it has a large capacity and Energize and Heatsinks can help it a lot in terms of survivability. The decrease in health is awesome since you can proc Divert Power a lot faster. It is a great Shield and it is pretty easy to understand how it works.

  • Rerouter : a Legendary Hyperion Shield. I may be the only one that use this Shield on Wilhelm, but it is awesome with high Damage/shot weapons like the Kaneda’s Laser. You can make it regenerate very quickly, proc Divert Power thanks to its low Shield capacity and Amp Shot Drain and most of all : it heals you. It is pretty overlook and it is awesome, definitely reliable and useful with the right weapons.

  • Prismatic Bulwark : another Legendary Hyperion Shield that boosts Laser Damage and gives you a High Laser Absorbing Chance + Laser Damage Resistance. It is good on some situations, and great if you use Lasers.


  • Siege Howitzer : the most recommended COM on this build since you get increased Critical Damage and Explosive Damage. Use this one.


  • Duality Oz Kit : awesome results with this build since it boosts Explosive Damage when in vacuum. If you are in atmosphere, this Oz Kit is interesting if combined with the Rerouter Shield and Kaneda’s Laser, but if you aren’t using those, just switch to something else.

  • 3DDI.E : the best Oz Kit imo, it is great as a general use Oz Kit that boost your Shield and your Laser Damage, give you ammo and heal you. It’s a pretty cute friend too ^^

  • Tranqulity Oz Kit : : best Oz Kit for Damage potential if you aren’t in Coop (if you are, use the Support Relay). Use it if you don’t have the 3DDI.E.

  • Bomber Oz Kit : best Oz Kit for Tediore reloads and Torgue weapons. Use it only if you use those weapons.


  • Vladof Cryo : a great Grenade for freezing enemies, then switch to the Kaneda’s Laser and chain-kill enemies with insane amounts of damage.

  • Cryo Transfusion : a great survivability Grenade that can freeze enemies, easy to get and easy to use.

  • Quasar : a Legendary Hyperion Grenade, great for stripping shields then freeze enemies. If coupled with the Fridgia and the Laser Disker, you can wipe out waves of enemies at once.

This build is really interesting and awesome since you play Wilhelm with other-than-laser weapons. Kaneda’s Laser is a really powerful weapon and is hands down his best Rocket Launcher.
The IVF is insane, you can smash everything in this game with it, @Slif_One made a build revolving around it, you should take a look at his build if you want to know more about how to use it and how it works. Other weapons like The Machine and Absolute Zero are great for a general use, they are all insanely powerful.
When using this build, you should always take a look at the enemy’s Shields, since you can’t freeze them when they are working. The Fridgia should take them off just fine.

Well, that is all, I hope you enjoyed the build, feel free to tell me what you think of this build (is it good, how can I improve it …). This build shows how powerful and interesting Wilhelm is, he has a great potential and you really should give him a try :smiley: !


Cheers for the shoutout, Wilhelm respect!

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Just imagine Wilhelm and Krieg in the same game.

No fire rate cap in TPS, imagine Overcharge on Hellborn Krieg! :open_mouth:

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The game crashes, like litterally.

Yeah it would blow up your system lol.

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Nice thread also love the timing as I just did a video on it and it has me thinking about it, and this pops up. Perfect.

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I actually saw it ^^, and it gave me the idea of sharing this build that I basically always use when I play TPS with Wilhelm.
You do a great job Derch, i’m a big fan :smiley:

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Meat bicycles and Metal Biceps, they’d be together at last!

Nice build btw,

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Thank you ! :smiley:
Krieg and Wilhelm are my two favourite playable characters. If Loader Bot with his mask (the red eye and the Jingasa hat) was playable, it would be the third.

Overcharge can’t regenerate rocket ammo to my knowledge.


Wait, I never paid attention, I always thought it did ._.
I’m gonna test this right now :o

EDIT : tested it, you are right, it doesn’t.

This post made me start up Wilhelm just to see. I didn’t think it did but thought I just didn’t notice before. Sadly no rocket regen…

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I’m glad you did, it’s a shame that there’s no Wilhelm-love, he is an awesome character.
Yea, no ammo regen :confused: , but the Kaneda’s Laser is very ammo efficient, you’ll almost never run out of ammo if you use it properly.

He is indeed, one thing TPS did right was character design and they did it very well. I think many people tend to overlook the “generic” characters by default in a game as complex as Borderlands, but Wilhelm was far from generic. When you’ve got characters like Athena and Jack though, Wilhelm has some tough competition.

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The only character I don’t like is Nisha, she is so plug’n’play, even worse than Salvador ._.
Wilhelm is just like Krieg : he is skill based, he takes some skill and knowledge to be played at its full potential. That’s why I like both Krieg and Wilhelm, because they are fun to play :smiley:

Wilhelm has less DPS than other characters, but he has the most survivability. He is unkillable, thanks to Diver Power and a lot of Saint upgrades. His voice lines are also nice (especially in french xD)

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Not trying to change your opinion or anything but I’d akin Athena to Krieg more than I would Wilhelm, as (if you want me to talk your ear off) CS Athena is basically the same as Bloodlust Krieg. She just has a steeper learning curve and is less effective at mobbing, but she makes up for it by potentially surpassing him at raiding by quite a bit.

Which sadly, because the characters were designed so well he can’t even claim that.

I’m not trying to do anything with this post, I just thought I’d give a little of my two cents.


Hey mate, feel free to express your opinion, there’s nothing wrong about that :smiley:

Krieg is actually the best mobbing character in BL2, thanks to FoTF or Bloodsplosion if you melee. Krieg also had great Kill Skills, the best survivability (Grog Salvador excluded), a good explosive build and a lot of features related to Shields, just like Wilhelm. That is, of course, only my opinion !

In my opinion, Wilhelm is the hardest to master. If you want to use him at its max potential, you have to get your action skill working at the good moment (because Overcharge), quickly deplete then recharge (and deplete again to keep the bonus working) your shield to have Emergency Response working, get you Kill Skills up, keep the Vengeance Cannon working, use Laser Guided and have the right gear.

I feel like Athena is not that hard to master, i’ve played quite a lot of CS/Melee Athena, and it was interesting but surprisingly pretty easy, the only hard part was stacking Maelstrom or managing Aspis. The rest was pretty easy to understand imo.

Wilhelm is definitely not the best character in the game (because Nisha exists), but he is definitely a viable and great character that has its own features (survivability and crazy high damage in the right situations, OHK against Iwajira).

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Last I checked, melee overrides didn’t get roid. Can you post a screenshot? Maybe GB changed it since I checked.

Just checked, its not, but the Shooting Star is still great if you spam Melee, you get the Power Fist and you just freeze a badass and enjoy the numbers.
EDIT : removed it, it isn’t that great with the build I showed, don’t use it.