Kaneda the Cybernetic Enforcer (Explosive + Cryo) Level 70 build

Yeah it would blow up your system lol.

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Nice thread also love the timing as I just did a video on it and it has me thinking about it, and this pops up. Perfect.

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I actually saw it ^^, and it gave me the idea of sharing this build that I basically always use when I play TPS with Wilhelm.
You do a great job Derch, i’m a big fan :smiley:

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Meat bicycles and Metal Biceps, they’d be together at last!

Nice build btw,

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Thank you ! :smiley:
Krieg and Wilhelm are my two favourite playable characters. If Loader Bot with his mask (the red eye and the Jingasa hat) was playable, it would be the third.

Overcharge can’t regenerate rocket ammo to my knowledge.


Wait, I never paid attention, I always thought it did ._.
I’m gonna test this right now :o

EDIT : tested it, you are right, it doesn’t.

This post made me start up Wilhelm just to see. I didn’t think it did but thought I just didn’t notice before. Sadly no rocket regen…

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I’m glad you did, it’s a shame that there’s no Wilhelm-love, he is an awesome character.
Yea, no ammo regen :confused: , but the Kaneda’s Laser is very ammo efficient, you’ll almost never run out of ammo if you use it properly.

He is indeed, one thing TPS did right was character design and they did it very well. I think many people tend to overlook the “generic” characters by default in a game as complex as Borderlands, but Wilhelm was far from generic. When you’ve got characters like Athena and Jack though, Wilhelm has some tough competition.

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The only character I don’t like is Nisha, she is so plug’n’play, even worse than Salvador ._.
Wilhelm is just like Krieg : he is skill based, he takes some skill and knowledge to be played at its full potential. That’s why I like both Krieg and Wilhelm, because they are fun to play :smiley:

Wilhelm has less DPS than other characters, but he has the most survivability. He is unkillable, thanks to Diver Power and a lot of Saint upgrades. His voice lines are also nice (especially in french xD)

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Not trying to change your opinion or anything but I’d akin Athena to Krieg more than I would Wilhelm, as (if you want me to talk your ear off) CS Athena is basically the same as Bloodlust Krieg. She just has a steeper learning curve and is less effective at mobbing, but she makes up for it by potentially surpassing him at raiding by quite a bit.

Which sadly, because the characters were designed so well he can’t even claim that.

I’m not trying to do anything with this post, I just thought I’d give a little of my two cents.


Hey mate, feel free to express your opinion, there’s nothing wrong about that :smiley:

Krieg is actually the best mobbing character in BL2, thanks to FoTF or Bloodsplosion if you melee. Krieg also had great Kill Skills, the best survivability (Grog Salvador excluded), a good explosive build and a lot of features related to Shields, just like Wilhelm. That is, of course, only my opinion !

In my opinion, Wilhelm is the hardest to master. If you want to use him at its max potential, you have to get your action skill working at the good moment (because Overcharge), quickly deplete then recharge (and deplete again to keep the bonus working) your shield to have Emergency Response working, get you Kill Skills up, keep the Vengeance Cannon working, use Laser Guided and have the right gear.

I feel like Athena is not that hard to master, i’ve played quite a lot of CS/Melee Athena, and it was interesting but surprisingly pretty easy, the only hard part was stacking Maelstrom or managing Aspis. The rest was pretty easy to understand imo.

Wilhelm is definitely not the best character in the game (because Nisha exists), but he is definitely a viable and great character that has its own features (survivability and crazy high damage in the right situations, OHK against Iwajira).

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Last I checked, melee overrides didn’t get roid. Can you post a screenshot? Maybe GB changed it since I checked.

Just checked, its not, but the Shooting Star is still great if you spam Melee, you get the Power Fist and you just freeze a badass and enjoy the numbers.
EDIT : removed it, it isn’t that great with the build I showed, don’t use it.

#EDIT : added some color to the post.

Gameplay available here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhciI07gkYI&feature=youtu.be

Interesting build. Thanks! I wish I had gotten a Kaneda’s Laser to try something like this out.

There are some interesting things about the Laser Disker.

Can’t crit in the fire mode.

Buuuuut…when chucking it, if you get a chuck hit on a crit spot of a frozen enemy, the damage spikes significantly…as if you have just gotten a crit.

The strange thing is that it does NOT happen all the time…but when it does, it is massive.

Why this is I don’t know…and IIRC no one else does either.

@khimerakiller KK…you ever figure out the Laser Disker???

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: !
I think it’s because of the hitboxes. When the thrown weapon’s hitbox doesn’t land on the crit spot hitbox properly, it doesn’t crit (at least that is my conception of the actual thing).

  • It has a mechanic where as you connect the reload higher up on the enemy’s hit box, the reload does more damage. But supposedly other Tediores have this mechanic as well, though I’ve never noticed it in something like the Baby Maker/IVF.
  • It also deals 100% multiplicative damage to airborne targets, both the normal shots and reload.
  • And I always thought there was another massive multiplier the reloads got, but it could have just been me getting the airborne one when I didn’t expect it.

And the Laser Disker’s and other Tediore reloads can crit specific enemies that have a “universal crit spot”. Such as Iwajira, RedBelly, Eclipse, etc…