Kaneda's Laser (level 70)?

Looking to test this out so if anyone has one for trade, let me know what you want and I may have it! Can also give money (in-game, not real!) Thanks!

My PSN user ID = bevross

I’ve got extras you can have. Off the top of my head, I’m lookin for a purple projection mod for Jack, and proletarian revolutions in fire, shock, and cryo. Even if you don’t have this stuff, its yours.
Psn: shakejunt922

@jhunter922 – great, thanks! Have some pro.revol’s but not the [nearly impossible to find?] purple Jack mod. Will add you.

Can either of you help me with a pro rev or laser disker. DLC legendaries I can exchange are longest yard , omni cannon , fusillades , meganade and Thunderfire. Cheers