Kaosan M10-ish Giveaway

Ok, so I have 11 Kaosan I think are M10 (not guaranteeing that which is why I am giving away not trading)I am not going to use. They all have trash annointments to be clear. I have a fire, and a Cryo same thing trash anoints but I would rather give them away to someone to help out than just sell them. Ping me if you are interested.

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I’d be interested in a Cryo or corrosive one. Whichever has larger mag as long as the damage numbers are roughly similar.

GT: DeadheadHix09


Any gamma anoints?

No gamma burst it is a litany the worst annoints:
DigiClone Regen Ammo
Kill +5% Damage/Reload for 25 seconds
DigiClone Swap Reload
ASE Status Effect +75% on a kinetic
ASE +100% melee
No annointment


I could use a fire one :slight_smile:

Lol you weren’t joking. My condolences


I’ll take the ase 75 dmg if it’s available. Gt yipikiya

ah you beat me to it lol.
Can I have the status effect one?
psn RHAAAALoovely

Sent the fire and ASE version

I can’t send to a PSN.

Thank you!

If you still have a cryo, my Zane would like to try it! Or any element you have left…thanks!


No elementals, the list is updated above for what I have and they are all kinetic.