(Kaoson) Burst Fire and Re-router Amp Shield

Is it normal for burst fire to completely drain an amp shield? When I hold the trigger down, in burst fire mode, the first shot drains the shield (Re-router) to 50%, then the shield fills back up as I continue firing and reloading. But occasionally, usually right after reloading with a full shield, the shield breaks completely instead of just hitting 50%.

Is the burst fire triggering the amp twice, thus draining 100% or is this another “Re-router” feature?

Seems like a bad idea to use burst fire and the Re-router.

Interesting. Do you also get the shield break effect when you drain your shield with the amp?

Very interesting, you’re right. It amps two shots and drains the whole shield. This is definitely not supposed to happen, as it only happens if I set my FPS to 30. On 60, it doesn’t happen. I may investigate further.

edit: happens with all amp shields: two shots are amped and twice the shield is removed. A “drain 30%” shield goes down by 60%, a Version 0.m (25%) by 50%.

If it does the same with a 1 shotter shield that could be interesting. With drain of 20% for 100% weapon dmg that gives 5 amp shots before breaking. :grin:

That’s not how it works, it only gives 2 amped shots, not more. The other shields I used still had enough capacity left for at least one more amp shot, but that didn’t happen.

Ah right, still useful though.

Thanks for the info and additional tests. It seemed a bit odd, but I wasn’t sure if there was some other interaction that I was missing.

@Goodblue77, single shot/amp drains it just the expected amount (50%), so no shield break.

If this was intended, then the Re-router with the amped anoint on shield break would be viable. It would be interesting with Tenacious Defense as well.

Playing around with Re-router, Rushin’ Offensive and a Bloodletter, allows me to pretty much chain-amp shots. I found out I can also keep sprinting if I hit an object, so this opens up some options in the battlefield. Seems to work better in full auto, as I’m not trying to trigger a double-amp, but aiming is harder. No need to reload, constant health/shield. Might see if I can make something of this, but it seems limited.

I’m using a low level Re-router, and this isn’t a Bloodletter build, that’s my my shield is so low and health so high.