Kaoson? can't get one

I have been reaming Capt Traunt for 4 days straight, Mayhem 10, not 1 Kaoson yet. Maggies and Floods is all I get …wtf?


If you are on pc I can hook you up with one.

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the loot the universe event pretty much pushed traunst dedicated loot away


I got 7 Kaosons today from Traunt. 6 with bad anoints. 1 with decent enough anoint.

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Yep, he’s still dropping them though. It seems really odd that the op hasn’t gotten a single one in 4 days.

Dedicated loot is unaffected by the event.


it obviously gets overcrowded because he drops way less than before


No it’s independent from the “world drop lootpool”. His dedicated lootpool is just overcrowded in general, that’s all.

FWIW, I farmed Captain Traunt quite a bit today. All on Mayhem 10.

165 runs
29 times (or 17.6% of the time) his dedicated pool activated (Devoted, Tankman’s and Kaoson)
I got 12 Devoteds, 9 Tankmans’ and 8 Kaosons

I’m pretty sure this is designed to first have a roll as to whether or not the dedicated pool activates. If it does, THEN there is a roll to see WHICH of the dedicated loot drops.

To get a Kaoson to drop only 4.8% of the time means a LOT of runs to finally get one with a particular element and with a particular anointment. But that drop rate feels pretty normal within the Borderlands series.

I do understand that even 165 runs isn’t all that large a sample, and others may be having different experiences.


Drop chance should be 1/40 or 2,5% so you actually got lucky there.

His loot pool, as well as all of the other bosses in Promethea and Athenas, has been dramatically diluted by the current event. I was farming him before the event and am farming him now and there’s a noticeable change. I get almost all shields, grenades and pistols now.

I didn’t farm him before the latest hotfix because, whatever the drop rate for a Kaoson, I didn’t want it to be Mayhem 10 only 10% of the time along with a chance of no anointment. If after this event it becomes BETTER than my 4.8% (or the 2.5% as someone above suggested) I’ll be both pleased and surprised.

I farmed him last night and this afternoon… Lots of Kaosons. Dedicated loot is not affected but dry periods are rather common as the drop chance is abysmal.


I got 2 in 12 kills. RNG.

I’m on PS4 and it’s not dropping for me either. Got 3 pretty easily before this weeks event started. I’ve seen 3 Tankman snipers though. Katagawa won’t drop a Sandhawk for me either.

Farmed him for just under an hour this morning. No more than 20 kills. On PC (Epic), Mayhem 10.

5 x Kaosans. One corrosive, the rest NE, all with poor anointments. Got 2 in a row twice.
1 x Tankmans Shield
1 x Devoted
3+ Firestorms

All of these are his dedicated drops
0 kills with no legendary at all

Everything else he dropped reflected the Loot The Universe event: pistols and shields. I agree with others that the event does NOT pollute the dedicated pool.


I have to agree Warhawg. The dedicated drops are still happening for some it seems. When I feel like farming for new weapons I have a character stationed at the spots I wanna farm and rotate to prevent boredom. I’m getting fairly consistant drops from KV, Kat Jr. Traunt and GenViv or Warden. Not bagfulls or anything but they are dropping. The scaling needs a fix I think. Maybe bring shields and nades up to par as well.

If you are needing one to play with Dart I have a few spares kickin around. Welcome to them.

So, I farmed him 355 times over the weekend. Not a single Firestorm (not that I was looking for one, but I was making a point of looking for these four weapons every time). It made me think that the Kaoson had displaced the Firestorm in his dedicated pool. I wonder if the dedicated pools aren’t consistent? I mean, you’d think they should be. If I didn’t see a single Firestorm, maybe others don’t see a single Kaoson, Tankman or Devoted?

Makes sense. I haven’t seen a single Firestorm where I’ve seen the other three regularly.