Kaoson litterally unlootable?

Hi guys !

I came back to the game few days ago. I finally hit M10 and was searching a nice all around build for amara.

I discovered there is pretty much only one viable build at this moment : kaoson & yellowcake builds.

The thing is i didn’t participate in the cartel event that took place some time ago. And i think that makes those 2 guns unlootable for me.

I tried to farm captain traunt on athena but i didn’t get any kaoson in more than 400 takedowns. Is this normal or am i just like reaaaaaally unlucky ?

Also, i’m kinda blocked in the game rigth now. I’m easily going though M10 trashmobs but some bosses are litterally unkillable. The graveyard or the wendigo for example… I’ve been taking different weapons and farming all the map for ammos but i still can’t put them under 50% health in more than 45min… Is something wrong with my character or are M10 undoable without using the 2 or 3 brand new broken guns ?

Thanks for your wisdom.

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Kaoson is available from Traunt, yellowcake is no more but I think a lot of people have them to trade/giveaway.


Haha seems you’re very unlucky with that farm. Lucky for you though, you do not need to use either of those weapons on Amara. Both those weapons just got nerfed pretty hard, kaoson less, but it’s not quite as good as it used to.

The most op weapon for Amara right now is the Recursion. You can farm from General Traunt on Nekratofayo.

If you’re on pc though and want some kaoson and yellowcakes, I can hook you up. I’ve got a bunch in the bank, just let me know.

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Thanks for your answer (both of you).

And thanks a lot for your offer. If you are sure that it doesn’t bother you i’d greatly appreciate to get one ! (curious about how it actually does wether or not it got nerfed). I’m currently connected with Nauwne as nickname.

Also, i’ll focus on the other traunt brother and try to get that recursion build working ! Thanks a lot for the tip.

Cool, Yea no problem dude. Is that your Shift name for the pc stuff?

I’ll be playing in a couple hours from now. When I hop on I’ll add you and send you some stuff

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Most probably my SHIFT nickname yeah… i think ! :sweat_smile:

Thanks again, you make my day !

Haha no worries dude! I have a bunch kicking around, I can’t promise they’ll have great anointments but you can at least get a feel for the gun.

Another good gun is the sandhawk, it got nerfed a bit too but it’s still pretty good. I can send one of those as well

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i farmed it and i think i got lucky. I quickly got 3 of it in like 30 runs… Very powerfull but the ammo goes down too quickly i don’t feel like it’s viable. Maybe i’m missing something to synergize with though.

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Yea, it chews through ammo more now. The trick with Amara is to make sure you have ‘action skill end’ anointments on your shield/grenade to give your weapons an extra 100% damage.

Also, the backburner now that it’s not bugged and is dropping with correct damage is super strong. It’s my favorite bossing weapon. If you need one of them I have a bunch. Just tell me the element you’d prefer haha

Well if u got spares u do not use i’ll give it a try with pleasure ! I plan to farm them all again anyway but i like having a taste of it before :smile:

Also i thought people usually played with the “300% above 90%” health annoint’.
So now they play with the “crash phase” using this annointment i suppose ?

So you’re gonna laugh - that anointment was also recently ‘fixed’ (read nerfed). It used to be super op because it considered enemy health to be the 90% of their final, usually red health bar.

Now it takes into account the aggregate health bars, so if the enemy has 3 health bars, you only get 300% damage against the overall first 10% of all their health. It’s really only good for things that can do massive damage in one shot now.

I main Amara and mainly use a phasezerker build with Ties that bind which is arguably the most powerful build right now - but can also be considered boring and overly op lol. But it let’s me solo the new guardian takedown on mayhem 10 so that’s the main reason for it lol.

I see, well i had fun farming them. Too bad that wasn’t really useful ! :sweat_smile:

I like the grasp a lot too but you can’t apply the shock element though. That is what made me think crash phase could be useful especially for the guardian takedown that has a lot of guardians in it.

Ah, so you can apply shock to the grasp- you just need to click on the element icon for fire/corrosive whichever is currently equipped and it’ll default to shock

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Oh ! I didn’t know… thanks for the tip ! I thought it was just doing “neutral” damage or something. :sweat_smile:

Sadly or not in M10 my most powerful 2 weapons are
Hellshock +200% while action skill
Lob w/corrosive (crap anoint)

Hellshock from Gigamind & maybe even one of my Lob’s. I got a couple Kaoson from Traunt, after the nerf it’s not that good with my Amara. I also farmed Killawatt for some Monarch’s (got 3) but none with good anoint.

I struggled at first but once I got an M8 Hellshock I switched to M10 & quickly got an M10 lob I was taking down Gigamind in a couple minutes & would get from 3 - 6 legendary’s per run.

Oddly enough all I’d need for Traunt is an It’s Pi ss grenade & the corrosive Lob

@Nauwne get hooked up with Moxsy’s discord server for save files if you’re still having crap luck farming

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I feel like everything is about grenade/shield annointments and the synergy between the action skill and the artifact.

But i can’t figure it out yet… I might have to try all of these and pick the stuff that suits me… I already have 2 lobs that i liked a lot too. I’ll get them back while i get some interesting annointments on my grenade/shield mods. :smile:

Yea, right now that’s really what it’s about if you’re trying to play on mayhem 10 or any of the upper mayhem levels.

Hopefully with the big patch coming next week, this will change. They are supposed to be buffing alot of action skills, adding new stuff to class mods etc, plus they’re going to apparently raise level cap to 60. If everything goes well we should hopefully see some more diversity in builds

can’t wait ! I’m having so much fun on this game i prey for some good event to participate in the future.

Also, i still have a couple of questions if u don’t mind ?

  1. First one is about the +50% elemental damage you were talking about.
    Is this like an increase of the damage you deal with this element ? (which means you have to play with a gun using this element)
    Or is it taking a % of your gun damage and apply 50% of those in the given element ?

  2. Also i see a lot of people on youtube are searching for +50% in radiation. Is there any reason for that ?
    Because if i’m not wrong, radiation doesn’t do any bonus damage over time, it just spread to another foe. So why would you search for it ? Isn’t it more viable to go for corrosive or shock bonus ?

Yea no worries. So yea, the anointments that say ‘give 50%’ bonus whatever element damage will actually take 50% of your overall gun damage and tack it on as extra elemental damage. So if your gun does 100k damage and you activate the Action skill end, get 50% bonus rad damage you will end up getting 100k base damage plus 50k radiation damage

To your second question, I think the reason radiation is so popular is because it doesn’t suffer negative modifiers against anything except armor. With the other elements, they really are most effective against the surface they are strong against and receive decreased damage against the ones they have no benefit for. Cryo functions similarly to Rad, but cryo doesn’t apply DoT (damage over time), Rad weapons should be applying at DoT as far as I know

If you Google ‘Borderlands 3 Elemental damage chart’ and go to images, there is a pretty good graph which illustrates this.

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Oh okay. I’ve seen an article online that stated the opposite but while searching for more sources they actually all agree on the existence of a radiation DoT. My bad.

For the chart, i can see now why they prefer the radiation so that they can be efficient on every type of healthbar. Thanks (again) :grin:

I’ll focus on farming those annointments right now, i’ll send your my impressions while i get everything working together :sunglasses: