Kaoson vs Contained Blast vs Flipper dps test

Here’s a quick dps comparison I did vs a x2 160 splash contained blast, x2 200ch Kaoson and 200 ch Flipper. From my testing the Contained blast outdpses the other 2 by a ton even without the stickies and with my slow semi fire. Considering what you can do with this weapon by switching to the unforgiven after stacking stickies it’s by far my favorite on Moze atm.

Not sure if the Flipper can drop with a 160 splash version, that might help it a lot. But it’s relatively underwhelming with 200ch.

I’m running a blue-green spec with blastmaster/pearl and 50% rad and fire on the shield\nade. Left AB on with nukes to account for the extra dps from 160 splash weapons.


That’s interesting. If it’s not the anoint, there must be some other effect the Contained Blast has. I think I have an incendiary Flipper with a splash damage anoint, so I can compare it (or I can send it you on PC if you like).
What are the passives on your Blast Master, by the way? Is the last one grenade damage? I don’t know enough Italian to tell.

Seems that the Contained Blast has an special effect, the faster you shot the higher the damage on impact.

It has a limit tho, i tested it adding a few point in the Bottomless mag tree, the initial shot was 11k and after a few shots, it capped at 72k.

So i can see why it much stronger than the Kaoson and the Flipper specially in a Forge/SF/Blastmaster build.


Yeh grenade, weapon damage and splash. Good to know, I’ll test the splash Flipper tomorrow.

@Hugostiglyts That makes sense, after a while when the pearl kicks in the damage is really insane. With a 22-28 mag+ mag bonuses and forge with 2/1 redistribution it can shoot 24/7 using a semi fire macro without reloading so it can sustain that damage indefinitely.

I was scratching my head while using it since the damage/ fire rate on the card is lower than the Kaoson and I was ignoring the stickies completely but in practice the damage was so much higher.

If the way it works atm is intended this weapon is an absolute beast, it’s better in mobbing than any other weapon if you can sustain fire and the stickies give it unlimited bossing potential. With multiple versions of it you can swap in-between enemies so that the stickies explode and keep firing at other targets, or just swap to the unforgiven for single targets.


Edit: Nvm I was using a different artifact with crit bonus, the Flipper with 160 splash performs almost identically to 200ch. Overall it’s easier to use than the contained blast, doesn’t kill you with self splash, and has better hip fire than the Kaoson.

The fact you can shoot it hip-fire in full auto also allows you to spam grenades in the meantime which you can’t do that well with the other 2.

Shooting it without reloading also requires little investment unlike the contained blast, which also means the charge time becomes less annoying overall. In the end all 3 are great weapons with their own advantages, so it comes down to the spec you use and your playstyle. Although I feel like the Flipper and Contained Blast are the 2 best options overall.

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