Kaoson won't drop

Just got doing some level 60 M10 farming to regear, been at it all morning. Got my monarchs, got my frozen hearts, got my gargoyles and light shows and Ion Cannons. Then i go to Traunt. I have been killing him nonstop for about 2 hours. Tons of legendaries. Not a single Kaoson. Has to be RNG. Has to be, just keep doing one more run. I have never experienced this. Normally i spend hours farming for the element and annoitment i want but it drops. This is crazy to me.
Anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just horrible RNG


I dropped a few
Rate was bad but the did drop

Sounds like every farming attempt I’ve ever tried. You have my sympathy. tRollNG gonna troll.

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I can’t seem to get a Kaoson either :frowning:

This is bl3 farming for me on every gun

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I started the experiment myself and farmed it 50 times. I got 7 kaoson. After attempt number 6,7,8,10,26,42 and 48. Unfortunately there was no good one. What annoys you as a console player in addition to the bad drop rate is the loading time that you need because you have to stop and restart again and again. It’s bad if you spend more time on the loading screen than when you’re farming. I wish GB would finally make a way possible that you can farm properly if they don’t increase the drop rates. With proper farming, I mean that you no longer have to quit and restart. It would be good if the bosses would simply respawn, or GB introduced an extra farming mode :wink:. Here is a picture of my bad farming prey.


The load time is a killer (Xbox player) and on someone easy like Traunt I very, very easily spend more time loading not fighting likely by a 2x factor.


Yeah i feel your pain. Ive just never gone that long without seeing the dedicated drop. So i just wanted to ask the community.
In my opinion, they need to make every boss like Killavolt. You kill him, down yourself and respawn at the save station, drop back down and fight him again. That way, no loading times, no break, just nonstop fighting.
Or make every boss like Freddy or Xam and Tom, do a kill and fast travel to fast travel station and go back to fight the boss. Again, nonstop fighting, no break, easy and clean.


Earlier my test was with FL4K. Then I had farmed for 2 hours with Amara and I didn’t have a single drop of the Kaoson. Then I threw my Zane into the ring ^^ and there was the first drop after 7-8 attempts. Now I’ve had enough of Traunt because it’s very exhausting. Let’s see if GB fixes it as soon as possible, because if nothing stays that way, only the players will sell it more and more.


I think your ideas are also good. Although I would find it better to have a separate reset point for the boss. I would also find a farming mode for bosses in general cool. A terrain with different sections where a different boss can be found everywhere, or a large house where there is a different one behind each door ^^.

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I farmed him to get my Moze up to 60, then to get her viable gear for DLC, for half a day. I got…6, level 60 ones. Four of them were non-elemental, two were Rad. Three were decent.

Dedicated drop rates are a joke. I wouldn’t bother specifically farming a dedicated drop until the developers do something about it.

Personally I think dedicated drops should always be guaranteed like the ion cannon because we still have to farm for the right weapon parts, elements, anointment, fire mode (in case of the Kaoson) etc.



I totally agree with you. Something should finally be done in this direction. Because I know some people who don’t enjoy the game anymore, the hours or even days of monotonous farms according to a desired Legendary just isn’t fun. You don’t have to rely on luck in the game ;).

I mentioned something like this here in this threat.


They’ve already announced that they will be looking at the dedicated drop situation. It’s in the fine tuning update from 5-6 weeks ago.

They didn’t say when it would be happening, just in a ‘future patch’

I know they announced something there. But with GB you can never be sure when the improvement will finally come or whether you will throw it over again :wink:

Found the same with killavolt and the monarch. Been farming for 2 hours and not a single drop …

Do you have another character you can try? For me it often happened that there was no drop for a very, very long time. For example, I once took my Amara and tried to farm, and after 40-50 tries nothing happened, I switched to my FL4K. The first drop came after a few tries. So it’s always a matter of luck.

Are you looking for a certain monarch, with a certain anointing? Or don’t you care?
If you play on PS4 I can send you one later, I have some.

I actually did this a couple days ago as well. I actually got more Kaoson drops than I have in previous farms but none of them were what I was looking for thanks to the anti-fun anointment system.

I just got 3 to drop back-to-back and they were all… CRAP lol

That’s good of you, thanks. Any good anoint would be welcome, my lvl 57s are 150/50 rad but ASE would be good too! Is there anything you’re looking for in particular? I’ll send a friend request later if that’s ok

Just like Katagwa jr and the others . I got more of the M6 and higher exclusives to drop on M6 than M10.