Karan Sjet voice

Is it me, or does Karan S’jet sound different than in HW2? She used to sound much more…dreamy. As if she was in a state of total peace being integrated with the Mothership. Now she sounds rather whimsical, somehow. Is it just me?

I expect that after some experience as the head of the fleet, and that the situation is quite different (defense of a home instead of exploration of a dangerous galaxy), I would imagine that her tone would be significantly different.

They brought back the voice actor from HW1, Heidi Earnest, who was pregnant when HW2 voice acting was being recorded and thus didn’t sound quite right, which is why a different voice actor was used in HW2C.

Oh, I see. She did sound familiar. Do you guys think she fits?

Wait so Heidi Ernest voices HW2R?

@KennyTheKlever apparently, yes.

All of the original cast from HW1 was brought back, that wasn’t there for HW2 originally for one reason or another, to re-record for both games. HW2 originally had replacement voice actors for fleet command (Karan S’Jet) and fleet intelligence, I believe was the name of the role…

Nice, I preferred her voice. There was uproar when she was ‘replaced’ for Homeworld 2. FYI there is an easter egg in Homeworld 2 where if you created a profile called “Arioch” (a user on a forum who was especially annoyed at the change of voice actor for HW2) and if your mothership was destroyed in skirmish mode, the new Karen S’jet voice actor said in her lusty, dreamy voice “Arioch, my voice, is sexier”. I chuckled when finding out that they put that in


No they only re-recorded the voices for Homeworld 2, Homeworld 1 voices are unchanged (apart from the pilot voices). Regarding Heidi’s voice, to me it sounds pretty much the same as it did back in 99 but in some parts of the new recordings her lines were pronounced at a faster pace and were higher pitched as she finished a sentence, making them sound a bit different from the old game where she sounded more calm.

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Could have sworn they resampled to up the quality, just as they said they were doing with the music with the original composer.

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no. homeworld 2 had a different voice actor. this is common knowledge, man.

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I was well aware of this. Edited my post to clarify.

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I’m just going to leave this here.

Click me for the old HW2 Voices.

Bring Sajuuk to bear
Bring Sajuuk to bear
Bring Sajuuk to bear

Even though the text was a single “Bring Sajuuk to bear”
Oh I hated that line.

Why couldn’t they re-record it as a single line that’s less corny?

Hahaha that’s hilarious. I can just imagine the huge fuss Arioch must’ve made for them to include that. Here’s the easter egg btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRBmvMNQMmQ

Yeah I agree, too corny, they should’ve kept it one line.

About Karen Sjet’s voice: I’m probably gonna agree with OP at the risk of getting flamed. I think in HW2 I prefer the original HW2C voice actor.

Agreed. Her voice IS sexier. :heart_eyes:

Yeah, I agree. Saying it 3 times in concession just made it excessively melodramatic.

The original:

Homeworld 2 Remastered with HW1’s Fleet command:

Complete the set! All we need now is the captain of the Kuun-Lan in Cataclysm to say it.

I bet the captain of the Kuun-Lan could sell it though.

It would need to be the tactical officer, not somtaaw fleet command.

That way it would be annoying.


Copying the .big file isn’t the best method, there are some missing lines in the original version. I made 2 mods to restore Fleet Intelligence and Karan’s voice, check the trailer.

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