Karan Sjet voice

Awesome! Ill give it a spin ASAP

There was uproar because people love have uproars about things they do not have all the facts on, over things they hear 3rd party and do not bother to look them up themselves, or really any old thing. I am always amazed on every gaming forum some people always freak out over just about anything and really go all emotional, never mind it is only a game, or that most of the time they misunderstand and have it wrong, or if anyone cares etc, the freak out is ubiquitous.

Arioch’s thread that sparked the “My Voice is Sexier”: http://forums.relicnews.com/showthread.php?13036-No-Heidi-for-You

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Thanks for the link. Arioch’s post was actually very tame and reasonable. No actual uproar from his end from what I could see. I imagined it would be a far more emotionally charged, angry post than that, considering it was his name specifically that was mentioned in the easter egg. Instead he was just voicing some concern over the direction of the game…


Let me see if I got this right…

Homeworld 1 Had Heidi Ernest’s voice
Homeworld 2 Had Jennifer Graveness’s voice
Homeworld 2 remastered Has Heidi’s voice back
foreignmeloman’s mod puts back jenniffer’s voice to Homeworld 2 remastered
Arioch was upset because they changed Heidi for jennifer
“Arioch, my voice is sexier” is a message from jennifer Graveness to Arioch who preferred Heidi’s…