Karos Graveyard (http://hw2wiki.net) is down?


Long-time fan of the Homeworld series, first post in this forum. Trying to get into mapping and modding in the HW2/HW RM engine.

I was recently trying to access the Karos Graveyard site for its modding documentation and tutorials, and I keep getting a re-direct to a generic domain-squatter page. Is the site still working for other folks?


that tutorial page yes. The main page not no… Might have been hacked might have been shut down out of anger for a game that side admin may not have liked or he ran outta cash. Perhaps the server provider just has some problems at the moment.

There’s no telling. But considering that this page was up for the last 15 years I’m confident it’s just a minor problem…

The page works fine for me, although I have experienced downtimes on karos graveyard in the past too. Usually just gets back up at least the following day.

Thanks! It may have been an issue on my computer; I ran an anti-virus (didn’t find anything) and now the site seems to be working.

EDIT: I spoke too soon. Now different pages are going to a gaudily-commercial domain-squatter page. I wonder why it’s doing that rather than, say, throwing a 404.

At any rate, thanks for the confirmation that the sire isn’t dead! I did get to read the mapping tutorial I was looking for.