Kasons annoit 300.90 //////

LF kason 5k x2 (300.90 or 50.150) any element or non element FT kasons - sickles - sandhawks - yellowcakes - opqs - monarchs- Redistributers

what kind of monarchs you got

cryo x4 3k 50.150
fire x4 3k Asa 200
corrisve and shock 2.9kAse gain bouns dmg
rad 1.9kx8 sntl cryo

i might have what you want

i multiple 300/90 all lvl m10

i tried to add you for past two days i thought my game was bugged but doent work try to add me

ok adding now,you are added

cant see your friend reqeust in shift weird

you showed up i saw you were on alittle while ago