Katagawa glitch

So I’m trying to farm katagawa on Moze and I’ll jump in IB, jump down to fight him, shoot him with the recursion to kill his guys, and instead of anything dying, he just, uh, like all his copies scream fanatically for about 30 seconds, my game freezes, and then when it unfreezes, I’m respawning or my ffyl is almost over.

I have tried using rockets and stuff to kill them, but I’m not sure a faster way without spending forever on the fight. Is the recurssion doing this or is it something I’m doing wrong?

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If your using 3 ase elements and an x2 recursion, it verywell could be; for his clones, i try to shoot the transformer he stands on before they spawn - just cancels them

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Thanks. I guess the recurssion is just bad for console

I found if you take 1 element away it does help, i think consoles lack of memory is the main issue

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I’ve been using ties that bind with a brainstormer. Usually 2-3 shots to kill him on mayhem 10. Now every time I jump down and phasegrasp, the game lock up and the clones do that screaming thing. Then I have to do the full fight no matter how many shots I get off. Tried taking 1 element away for ASE damage, didn’t work.

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Weird! I wonder if there’s an issue with the way the game processes that? It seems like a lot of “extra” things that spawn, like the buddy system clone, projectiles, etc, give the game a lot of memory trouble on console.

If you have a Transformer shield, try wearing that when you do this and see if it just bugs out but let’s you live?


That’s a good idea. Incidentally, I got a opq system with 150% radiation. That thing negates the need for any other gun lol

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I’m using a Transformer with 50% Cryo ASE. I also have 2 others with corrosive and incendiary. Get the same result every time. I noticed that some of my guns changed stats while I was playing as well. Had a Night Hawken that was 1547x3. By the time I finished the night it just said 1547. Found a lvl 10 Jericho that only had 300 damage.

Well, Night Hawkin is legitimately just like that. Lol. It’s honestly the worst idea they ever had to actually let the card change. Because we keep getting posts concerned. Brb with the main post about it.

I can’t tell you anything about low level Jerichos. I never saw one before 40

Thanks for the link. I seem to remember hearing something about this. Guess I forgot. I still love the Night Hawken. I test every one I get (as long as they show 10% critical dmg and full auto). I don’t use the Jericho cause I have a mayhem 10 Yellowcake. It was one of two guns I found farming Katagawa Jr. that had the wrong dmg on the card.

And I just realized this is a PS4 tech post. I’m on Xbox lol