Katagawa JR getting one shot?

I’m farming for the sandhawk on M10, and everytime I take out Katagawa’s shield. he dies. Generators insta kill him, because they instantly remove his shield. I recently started a new game and he works just fine for me here. Is anybody else getting this bug?

I dont think its a bug. Katagawa is just a weak Zero imposter wannabe …

I cringe when I see someone is actually farming anything on BL3 anymore. With all those useless anointments, I can’t imagine anyone getting a favorable drop for any desired gear …

Yea he took a good few shots first time I fought him, but he just dies in one shot on M10. Must be something to do with his HP not scaling maybe.

It’s not really a bug, the issue if you wanna call it that is just that he’s really weak and thus doesn’t benefit as much from Mayhem Scaling as other enemies do. All of his clones also have a tendence to create a kind of feedback loop with certain skills and weapons that tends to get him killed very quickly.

It’s not the first time this subject has been brought, Katagawa Jr can be one shotted by some weapons and techniques in m10, ones that would not kill a sturdy mob. I personally don’t think it is normal but I haven’t investigated in details. There are others oddities here and here, for instance do you know that you can insta kill the mother of Grogans with a single melee attack (no matter what its strength is). There is also the subject of Wotan shields in m10 that seem incorrectly scaled. If I were on PC I would get the tools to do measurements but I am on ps4.

This is an intended mechanic and is a GOT easter egg. The Katagawa Jr thing on the other hand, I don’t know how to explain. Sometimes he appears to just insta-die, especially with Phasegrasp Amara, but I am not quite sure why.