Kawaii Killer or Vormi help


Hi Friends. I’m looking for a frozen wrath skin and/or Kawaii Killer head. Been farming for days with no success. Happy to arrange a trade for whatever I have that you may want. Xbox live is ILLEGITIMUS

Edit - I finally got frozen wrath, but still looking for kawaii killer. Or a Norfleet. Or anyone willing to help me spawn vormi

(c8madel) #2

Ive had luck spawning but no luck with the drop. I want the kawaii killer too D: where have you been trying to farm?

(Koki) #3

I have it. Add me P0WERSLAVE with a zero


That’s awesome! Dang, I’m on a ski vacation right now, but I’ll get back Tuesday night. I’ll hit you up as soon as I can, thanks!


I’m free all day. You still have it?

(Koki) #6

Yes I do, I’ll jump on